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>1: Download the latest version of ppsspp emulator from Google
play store
>2: Run the application, goto>>settings >>Networking and tick
enable networking/WLAN,
tick enable built-in pro ad hoc server
change pro ad hoc server ip address to as shown in the
picture below.
>3: Repeat the step 2 settings to your friends ppsspp emulator but
make sure that you Mac Addresses are not the same. Touch the Mac
address to change.
>4: goto >> settings>>Graphics>>set mode to buffered rendering,
tick simulate block transfer,
Frameskipping = OFF
Auto Frameskipping = Don’t Tick
tick prevent FPS from exceeding 60
Alternative speed = 0
As shown in the image below.
Leave other settings as they were.
Do the same to your friends ppsspp settings.
>5: Switch On your phone’s Hotspot and allow your friend to
connect through wifi.
Note: only the maximum of four people can connect and play together
on Pes 2013 and 2014. It varies differently in Mission games.
>6: Using Pes 2013 and 2014, open the pes on your ppsspp, after
loading, select >> match>> adhoc>> Setup a room.
>7: your friend or friends will then search for a match room and
If it is successful, you will see your friend in your room and start
Note: the person who On his Hotspot must be the one to setup a room.
Make sure your phone is in the highest speed before playing the game
to avoid hanging.
Enjoy and give testimonies.
Comment any difficulty and I will surely help.
Please share this post if you find it interesting, it might
also be useful to your friends…

Ad Hoc Server.exe Ppsspp

Ad hoc server.exe ppsspp

Adhoc Server For Ppsspp Windows 7

Adhoc Server For Ppsspp

Ad Hoc Server Ppsspp Download Pc

Amultios is Experimental PSP Emulator forked from PPSSPP and Adhoc Over Internet Online Relay Service to play Multiplayer PSP Games that have Adhoc Feature over internet formerly ( Perasaan saya belum share aplikasi adhoc servernya. Baiklah sekalian saja silahkan koleksi adhoc server Disini Tata cara menjadikan PPSSPP multiplayer. Jalankan wifi hotspot portable sebagai host, nyalakan wifi sebagai client, tangkap sinyal wifi portable host, tahap pertama selesai. Masuk PPSSPP, setting= Network setel ip address This server provides multiuser gaming with the PPSSPP emulator. Just enter '' as your adhoc server or use this IP address: We now also provide a community for fans of the Sony PSP & PSVita, and would love to have you join us!