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Tsr 01077 AD& D Setting Al Qadim Land Of Fate. Download 1 file. SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP download. Download 1 file. Tsr 02129 MC 13 Monstrous Compendium Al Qadim. Download 1 file. SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP download. Download 1 file.

example) appear on the map key but not on Land of. Fate poster maps. These symbols may be used in future. AL-QADIM™ adventures and accessories. Land of Fate: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition, Al-Qadim, Boxed Set [Jeff Grubb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Travel to. The Land of Fate is the first big boxed supplement to the Al-Qadim line of AD&D 2nd Edition products. [b]Contents[/b] The box includes a perfect.

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Land of Fate 5e conversion. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Land of Fate 5e conversion Al-Qadim: The project in brief Myself and three other gentlemen are taking point on a quality conversion of Al-Qadim to 5e, to be published for free on DM’s Guild. The intention is to a rejuvenate interest in this wonderful setting, b provide a foundation for future publishers to put out AQ stuff on DM’s Guild, and c offer both the traditional setting and a post-Spellplague setting what Zakharans know as the “Great Unbinding” of the Seal of Jafar al-Samal for DMs to choose from.

The others committed to the project have skills in copyediting, game design, and writing. We’re working via the Slack app and have done some solid work so far! Also, we have some terrific artists who are donating to the project. Also, Rob McCaleb donated a fantastic fan-made map of Zakhara. Lastly, I’m looking to pay out of pocket for an art student – the talented tea-for-jbass to do a few sketches or a cover.

Neither are affiliated with us. Not much else to say. You may recognize this title from the article “Scimitars Against the Dark” by Mr. I think Jeremy did a terrific job and I connected with him via Facebook to trade notes – he was stoked to hear what we were doing, and I think his work should be plenty compatible with what we’re doing.

I’ll post updates as the project progresses My agenda for the next couple posts is to cover: While not unheard of in the Land of Fate, heavy armor is usually impractical due to the extreme desert heat and the swashbuckling nature of adventures. Plate and half-plate are completely unavailable. Zakharan scale armor is called “lamellar” and is lighter 30 lbs.


Typically characters with the Al-Badia background are barbarians. Berserkers in Zakhara tend to hail from rugged hills tribes like the Astok near the northern city of Umara or from distant lands like Akota or islands of the Crowded Sea; when in civilized lands they are usually working as mercenaries.

Totem warriors belong to tribes sharing the name of their totem spirit; they re-skin Bear as “Yak” or “Elephant”, Wolf as “Saluqi” a desert houndand treat Eagle as it is. In addition, the Horse is available as a totem. Take the Eagle feature. Aspect of the Beast Horse: You gain the endurance of a horse.

You and your mount’s Constitution checks against exhaustion caused by traveling or exploration e. While raging, boost your speed and the speed of any mount you ride by 10 feet, and you can use a bonus action on your turn to let any mount you’re riding make an attack.

Mystic Spellcasting Mystics have a radical interpretation of a deity’s teachings or carry a prophecy unpopular among the rest of the Enlightened Faith, and conduct their affairs outside of conventional teachings. Mystics cast spells more intuitively like a sorcerer; they use the sorcerer spell casting table, spells known to which domain spells are addedand sorcery points which are called Divine Favorthough they still use the cleric spell list.

Every mystic has a unique method of prayer by which they regain spell slots and Divine Davor points during a long rest; for anchorites and hermits this is quiet meditation, for dervishes it is whirling dance, for some it song, and for others stranger things still. Thanks to The Shadow for his ideas on a sorcerer-inspired cleric, upon which the Mystic is based. These can be used exactly as Sorcery points for flexible casting.

Normally Divine Favor points are recovered during a long rest. If you’ve performed a deed which gains the favor of your deity, you may regain your points in half the normal long rest time 4 hours instead of 8. Also, if you’ve offended your deity, you do not regain Divine Favor points until restitution is made. Channel Divinity Divine Trance: You may choose to take this feature instead of Turn Undead.

Review of Al-Qadim: Land of Fate Al-Qadim Land of Fate RPGGeek

Entering a divine trance requires 10 minutes during which you perform the same task you use to regain spells e. By viewing the night sky or planar equivalentdetermine precisely where you are in the world or which plane you’re on. Know whether a creature within 30 feet of you is cursed or chosen by the gods, as well as the nature of the curse or blessing e. A type of trap or hazard that awaits you at a named location e. A type of enemy that awaits you at a named location e. A description of a place where fates will be decided, for good or ill e.

Gain a vague or poetic clue about a topic you choose, at your DM’s discretion. At 5th level, instead of Destroy Undead you may take Improved Divine Trance, which allows you to gain more than one clue by taking a level of exhaustion for each extra clue: At 5th level you can gain an extra clue from the list.

At 8th level, two extra clues. At 11th level, three extra clues. At 14th level, four extra clues. At 15th level, five extra clues. Hakima Domain Hakimas hakim for men bear special mention as they are “wise women” gifted with the ability to perceive truth. While hakima may revere specific gods often Hakiyah and Korthey have their own domain. Hakimas cast spells intuitively like a mystic, and lose the ability to Turn Undead gaining Sense Truth instead.

At 1st level, instead of Turn Undead or Divine Sense, you can use your Channel Divinity to sense truth in spoken word for 1 minute so long as the speaker is physically present and observable.

D&d Al-qadim Pdf

Truth is subjective, so as long as the speaker believes what they’re saying, you sense it as being “true”; you experience this as a pleasing buoyant feeling in your heart, seeing the beauty in the other person, and perhaps a faint ringing sound or barely perceptible light around their head. At 1st level you gain proficiency in Wisdom Insight checks. In addition, when you watch a person eat and drink, you can determine their true social station e.

Channel Divinity Sense Illusion: At 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to see thru illusions and mirages, or dispel an illusion you’ve already disbelieved for your companions. At 5th level, this replaces Destroy Undead.

When you use Channel Divinity Sense Truthyou also sense deliberate lies which sound to you like sizzling water cast on a hot griddle. At 8th level you can sense truth and lies in the written word as well.

TSR Ad&d Al-qadim Land of Fate 2nd Edition 1077 RARE 1992

At 11th level you can sense truth and lies even if the speaker is not directly observable, such as an invisible foe or a genie imprisoned in a ring.

At 14th level, you can sense truth and lies even if the speaker is not physically present, such as a projected illusion, thru a magic mirror, or a messenger delivering a message the sender knows is a lie even if the messenger believes it to be true. At 17th level you can sense truth and lies even in creatures which have special abilities or spells masking the truth or lies of their word.

At 6th level, gain the “Read Thoughts” feature under the Knowledge domain. At 8th level, you can cast detect magic as a ritual which only requires 1 minute at-will. At 17th level, you gain Truesight 60 feet whenever you cast a divination spell that is not a cantrip; it lasts for 1 minute or the duration of the divination, whichever is longer.

Elemental Flame How does a sorcerer become imbued with Elemental Flame? Perhaps you were marked by an efreet at birth or perhaps you have efreeti blood in your veins. Perhaps you were an azer who escaped bondage and now are a dwarf touched by fire? Perhaps you were cast adrift in the Elemental Plane of Fire. Perhaps a fire demon al-aqdim Imix cursed you. Or perhaps you touched an eternal flame burning in an ancient desert mosque and it changed you forever.

At level 1 gain the ability to alter a single fire source within a 50 foot area around you with an action, causing a fire source to extinguish or light, causing fare fire source to emit smoke blanketing the area, doubling the range of light cast by a fire source and alqadim its fuel requirement accordinglydiminishing the range of light cast by a fire source to any amount changing its fuel requirement accordinglyor cause a fire to spark igniting nearby combustibles.

The effect pf after 1 hour, when you use this feature again or cease concentrating, or if the fire source dramatically changes either naturally or due to a spell or creature’s ability.

At level 1 gain proficiency in Charisma Intimidation checks. Burning Eyes of the Flame Mage: At level 6 you can cause your eyes to light with fire at-will.

This fire sheds light equivalent to a candle. When you cause your eyes to light in this way, you may al-qacim 1 sorcery point to al-qzdim resistance to fire for 1 hour.

Regardless, gain one of the following benefits of your choice while your eyes are lit: Double your proficiency bonus to Charisma Intimidation checks. Gain darkvision 60 ft, even in magical darkness. When observing burnt remains, gain a sense of what the burnt person or object looked like, what sort of fire caused the lnd e.

Maintaining altered flames no longer requires your active concentration. One With the Flame: At level 18 you can cause yourself to be engulfed by flames. As an action spend 5 sorcery points to become immune to fire damage and generate an aura of flames up to 15 feet though you may choose to control it so it only encompasses 10 ft or 5 ft.

Elemental Sand How does a sorcerer become imbued with Elemental Sand? Perhaps you were a slave of the dao or possess the blood of lamd in your veins.

Al Qadim Pdf

Perhaps your parents were jann or jann used sand magic to save to your life when they found you near death. Perhaps you were lost in a sandstorm and were cast into fste Elemental Plane of Earth.

Perhpas Ogremoch tainted you thru a magic artifact imbued with the power of the Al-qavim. Or perhaps you suffered a witch’s curse to slumber in the sands or were turned into a pillar of salt until recently escaping.

The effect ends after 1 hour, when you use this feature again or cease concentrating, or if desert conditions dramatically change either naturally or due to a spell or creature’s ability. At level 1 gain proficiency in Wisdom Survival checks.

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