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Nigeria army song mp3 free download

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Nigeria Army Song Mp3 Free Download


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United States Army
Composer: Gruber, Edmund
Performer: United States Army Ceremonial Band
Publisher: United States Army
Taken from cd entitled: 'American Spirit.' by the U.S. Army Ceremonial Band, track 15.
The Army Goes Rolling Along was written originally by First Lieutenant Edmund L. Gruber, when he was stationed at Fort Stotsenburg in the Philippines in March, 1908. It was then known as the 'Caisson Song' and tells of activities in a field artillery battery that was drawn by horses.
In 1917, John Philip Sousa transformed it into a march and renamed the 'Field Artillery Song.'
In 1956, the Army adopted it as its official song and was retitled 'The Army Goes Rolling Along.' Secretary of the Army Wilber Marion Brucker dedicated the music on Veterans Day, November 11, 1956.
'The Army Goes Rolling Along' is played after every U.S. Army ceremony and soldiers stand and sing along with the music.

Here are a couple of different versions of The Army Goes Rolling Along song:
Listen -- MP3 Instrumental
Listen -- MP3 Instrumental/Chorus combined

The U.S. Army Song

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1908 Original Caisson Song

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Credit for some: Library of Congress, Music Division.