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Abandonia is something special. It is a library of old games for you to download. It is like an old gaming arcade with all the old games in their original format. Abandonia is a place where you can find great old games and have fun four hours and years. To protect our independence, we are dependent of our friends using the site. Once you do that save the dosbox.conf file and run the xcom apocalypse game. It should guide you through the setup instead of launching the game. Click on the full installation option, keep the default 'C: XCOMA' for the game directory. You will get a prompt that there is already a C: XCOMA folder, choose to overwrite game files. Ascendancy, the debut game from The Logic Factory, is a game of galactic exploration and encounter. In Ascendancy, you develop your home planet, research new technologies, build ships to traverse the stars, encounter aliens, and colonize new worlds as you expand your presence throughout the galaxy. You begin the game by choosing to be one out of 21 possible species. Ascendancy is similar to, but nevertheless very different from, Master of Orion. You play one of many races, each with a special ability and special character traits, who set off to explore space, erect colonies (which can each have individual purposes, depending on their raw materials) and engage i.

  1. Ascendancy Game Windows 10 Download
  2. Ascendancy Game Windows 10 Download
  3. Ascendancy Game Windows 10 64-bit
DeveloperThe Logic Factory
PublisherVirgin Interactive
Tested on0.70
Tested game versionUnknown
LinksCompatibility List
Works with DOS32AN/A
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Running the Game

To run Ascendancy mount your CD or ISO file under DOSDOX with one of the following commands

You should then be able to mount your Ascendancy folder and run the game normally

Running without the CD

To run Ascendancy without inserting or mounting the CD do this:

  1. Copy the file ASCEND02.COB from your CD or ISO into the same folder as Ascendancy
  2. Edit your COB.CFG file so the last line points to the new location of ASCEND02.COB. You can usually do this by replacing the normal line (e.g. 'D:ASCEND02.COB') with 'ASCEND02.COB'.
  3. Launch DOSBOX and run the game as normal.


If you know you have your CD mounted but Ascendancy gives you the message 'Please place the Ascendancy CD in your CDROM drive.', check your COB.CFG file. This file tells Ascendancy where it should expect to find the .COB resource files needed to run the game. e.g. it might contain something like

If the line for ASCEND2.COB does not match what you have mounted for your CD simply edit it to match. For example, if you mount your CD as drive D: and your ISO has no DATA folder, simply change the last line to 'D:ASCEND02.COB'. Ascendancy should then launch the game.

Other Modifications

These changes have nothing to do with DOSBox, but may make playing Ascendancy easier or more enjoyable.

Ascendancy Game Windows 10 Download

Removing the 'Ping' Sound


Every time you click the mouse in Ascendancy you will hear a 'ping'. If you find this annoying and want to remove it you can follow these steps.

Ascendancy Game Windows 10 Download

  1. Make a backup of your Ascendancy folder and data
  2. Download the COB extractor utility from the Trancendancy Project. Place it in the same folder as ascend.exe.
  3. Run the extractor tool on ASCEND01.COB with
This dumps the data into the folder 'ASCEND01'. Note: if the extractor fails to create the folder (due to lack of permissions) you may need to create a folder called ASCEND01 first.
  1. Delete or move the file ASCEND01databutton.voc (this is the sound file for the ping)
  2. Create a new file named 'button.voc' that is 0kb in size (you can just create a blank text file and change the name)
  3. Run the extractor to re-create ASCEND01.COB with

Ascendancy Game Windows 10 64-bit

You should now be able to launch the game and not hear the ping when you click.

External links

  • Antagonizer AI Module - a free add-on module, The Antagonizer, for experienced Ascendancy players who want a greater level of hostility and difficulty.
  • Trascendancy Project - a tiny fansite which offers an updated MOD guide, useful links, related resources and information about a clone project
  • Ascendancy Races Information about all races from the game
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Stuff you may want to have:
Ascendancy the offline manual : This website compiled into a document for your offline viewing pleasure (version 1.0, July 2012).
The full Ascendancy game can no longer be downloaded for free legally. It used to be up on Abandonia .
The Ascendancy demo used to be up at The Logic Factory. : The official Ascendancy Antagonizer AI module as released by The Logic Factory (because playing the game without it is too easy). Unzip this file to your Ascendancy install directory (for instance c:Ascend) and start Ascendancy with the antag.exe file instead of the regular ascend.exe . Your enemies will now be more hostile and provide a bit more of a challenge. : Scans of the official Ascendancy manual that came with the original release of the game. It basically explains a lot of the things that are in the tutorial in the game.
the boxart : Scans of the original boxart of the game at Abandonia.
nougat.lf : uploading this file to the directory you have Ascendancy installed (for instance c:Ascend) let's you activate the cheat codes. For more info see the Cheats page.
flash.pop : uploading this file to the directory you have Ascendancy installed (for instance c:Ascend) let's you have the game play itself without you intevening. For more info see the Cheats page.
To get any DOS-game (including Ascendancy) to run properly on for instance Windows XP, you'll need a DOS emulator. An emulator can run a DOS environement under Windows, but with the use of your modern soundcard and joystick (contrary to the command prompt provided by WinXP for instance). There are two good choices:

There is debate among users which is better. Personally I prefer VDMSound.