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Outto-Tune Tyrone Feat. GladysBeat By: BeatsCraze

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Comment by Aalier

GTA RP is a mod for GTA V which allows players to roleplay on private servers. On these servers players take on the role of custom created characters and role play their way through different interactions (largely illegal). There are a ton of RP servers to choose from and each server is run by different entities. Auto tune, auto tune 8.1, auto tune pro, auto tune efx crack, auto tune app, auto tune efx, auto tune evo, auto tune software, auto tune online, auto tuner, auto tune download, auto tune 8, auto tune microphone Auto Tune Efx 2 Download Crack For Gta -.


Comment by princess and the rabbit


Comment by 💙 X SEMEN DEMON X 💙


Comment by Christopher Ortiz

wtf 😂

Comment by Reinis Silavs

lets gogogo

Comment by Jeff T

Get it Gladys

Comment by Steve

@piotr-marciniak-7: imagine speaking that sentence IRL...lmao #nerdspeak

Auto tune gta rp samp

Comment by Sebastian Bekkelund

ott sings like an angel

Comment by ¿Up In Smoke?


Comment by Jeremy j.


Comment by Short Shaggy


Comment by __Chubbz


Comment by AquaKHX

gaddamn i cant get over this beat

Comment by Patrick Driscoll


Comment by zerokewlll

OTT and Gladys fire

Comment by Robby Taylor

'supposed to stay wet like the dishes'

Comment by lil bucket of juice

gladys berry be dat bitch cuh

Comment by RedXIII

awwwww shitt

Comment by zatro61107

This shit if fire!

Comment by Cresination

keepin them ladys moist bruvh!!!!!!

Comment by speedrave


Comment by Menpo


Everyone here is for Gladys part but fuck the part of Outto-Tune Tyrone is actually really good the auto tune is just perfect the beat goes perfect with that lofi style its actually could be really, really good banger if not Gladys part :D

Comment by North American Elephant

That shit was HOT

Comment by Piotr Marciniak

Does anyone knows from what song he is interpolating/sampling - I bet I have heard this flow/melody (OTTs) and synth in the background!

Comment by Ana Moretz

OTT & Gladys murdered this! I absolutely love it. Keep up the great work!

Comment by IOnlyMadeThisAccountForYungDab

Gladys with the BARS

Comment by L39 Gemz

wtf Mick

Comment by Varnts

Gladys verse is actually Pog.

Comment by ~<3_o_<3~ a.k.a.


Auto Tune Graphical Mode

Comment by ModsFortune Dior Bacareza

o nice yeah

Auto Tune Gta Rp Apk

Car Tune Network
GTA Online
Type of businessAuto repair shop
Location(s)Strawberry Ave in Strawberry, Los Santos

Auto Tune Gta Rp Samp

Car Tune Network is a auto repair shop located on Strawberry Ave in Strawberry, Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The company phone number is 1-999-CARTUNE, which is answered by a man asking for people to stop prank calling him.


Auto Tune Gta Rp Mta

  • The company is named after the Cartoon Network television channel.

Auto Tune Gta Rp Gta 5

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