Casio Tone Bank Ma-120 User Manual

View and Download Casio Tone Bank CT-636 operation manual online. Casio Electronic Musical Instrument Operation Manual. Tone Bank CT-636 electronic keyboard pdf manual download. Casio tone bank CT-625. Except for your own, personal use, any other use of the contents of this manual without the consent of CASIO is prohibited. USER TONES) to select a tone. Casio 465 sound tone bank ct-636 manuals:: tutorial google on ℹ️ Download Casio PX120 Manual (Total Pages: 38) for free in PDF. Find more compatible user manuals for your Casio PX120 Musical Instrument device.

Casio Tone Bank Ma-120 User Manual

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Casio Tone Bank Ma-120 User Manual Pdf

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Casio Tone Bank Ma-120 User Manuals

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[. . . ] The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus. The power indicator being unlit does not mean the apparatus is completely disconnected from the MAINS. When you need to have the apparatus completely disconnected from the MAINS, you must unplug the power cord. For that purpose, locate the apparatus in a way that secures easy access to the power cord. Declaration of ConformityModel Number: CDP-120 Trade Name: CASIO COMPUTER CO. , LTD. [. . . ] See page E-2 for information about options. Auto Power OffIf you do not perform any operation for 30 minutes, the Digital Piano will turn off automatically. Disabling Auto Power OffYou can disable Auto Power Off to ensure that power is not turned off automatically during a concert, etc. · Do not listen to very high volume output over headphones for long period. · If you are using headphones that require an adaptor plug, make sure you do not leave the adaptor plugged in when removing the headphones. 1. While holding down 8, turn on power. Auto Power Off will be disabled. E-5Playing the Digital PianoUsing a Damper PedalConnecting a pedal to the DAMPER PEDAL jack makes it possible to use the pedal as a damper pedal (page E-4). Pressing the damper pedal while playing will cause the notes you play to reverberate for a very long time. Changing Touch Response SensitivityUse the procedure below to control how much the volume of played notes change in accordance with playing speed. While holding down 3, press one of the keysin the TOUCH RESPONSE area of the keyboard to specify the Touch Response sensitivity. Changing Keyboard Response to Touch Pressure (Touch Response)Touch Response alters tone volume in accordance with keyboard pressure (speed). This provides you some of the same expressivity you get on an acoustic piano. Pressing fast produces louder notes. Pressing slowly produces softer notes. Off (OFF)Touch Response is turned off. Normal Touch Response More sensitive Touch Response than Type 1 Less sensitive Touch Response than Type 1Type1 (1)Do not try to use too much pressure. Type2 (2) Type3 (3)· The initial default Touch Sensitivity setting is Type1. E-6Playing the Digital PianoYour Digital Piano lets you select from among five different types of tones. Even the same song sound takes on a different feel by changing the instrument type. 1. · To return to the initial default setting, press the minus (­) and plus (+) keys at the same time. 1. While holding down 3, press a key within theCHORUS area of the keyboard to select a chorus type. There are five chorus types, plus an off setting. · The actual effect produced by chorus depends on the tone you are using. The initial default chorus setting is OFF. Fine Tuning (Tuning)Use the tuning feature when you need to adjust the pitch slightly to play along with another musical instrument. You can use the tuning feature to adjust tuning so it exactly matches a performance on a CD. The initial default setting is 440. 0 Hz. Changing the Pitch (Transpose, Tuning)Changing the Pitch in Semitone Steps (Transpose)The transpose feature lets you change the pitch, in semitone steps. A simple operation lets you instantly change the pitch to match that of a singer. While holding down 3, press the minus (­) orplus (+) key within the TUNE area of the keyboard to change the tuning. · Each press of a key increases or decreases the current setting by 0. 1 Hz. · To return to the initial default setting (440. 0 Hz), press the minus (­) and plus (+) keys at the same time. E-8Connecting External DevicesEnglish3Connecting a ComputerYou can connect the Digital Piano to a computer and exchange MIDI data between them. You can send play data from the Digital Piano to music software running on your computer, or you can send MIDI data from your computer to the Digital Piano for playback. Connecting the Digital Piano to Your Computer· Make sure you follow the steps of the procedure below exactly. Connecting incorrectly can make data send and receive impossible. Minimum Computer System RequirementsThe following shows the minimum computer system requirements for sending and receiving MIDI data. Check to make sure that your computer complies with these requirements before connecting the Digital Piano to it. · Operating System Windows® XP (SP2 or later) *1 Windows Vista® *2 Windows® 7 *3 Mac OS® X (10. 3. 9, 10. 4. 11, 10. 5. 8 or later, 10. 6. 6 or later) *1: Windows XP Home Edition Windows XP Professional (32-bit) *2: Windows Vista (32-bit) *3: Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) · USB port1. Turn off the Digital Piano and then start up yourcomputer. · Do not start up the music software on your computer yet!2. [. . . ] · To clean the product or its keyboard, wipe with a soft cloth moistened in a weak solution of water and a mild neutral detergent. Wring all excess moisture from the cloth before wiping. Included and Optional AccessoriesUse only accessories that are specified for use with this product. Use of unauthorized accessories creates the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury. Weld LinesLines may be visible on the exterior of the product. These are 'weld lines' that result from the plastic molding process. [. . . ]

Casio Tone Bank Ma-120 User Manual User

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