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Updated user interface

Ultimaker Cura is a very powerful tool with many features to support users’ needs. In the new UI, we present these features in a better, more intuitive way based on the workflow of our users. The Marketplace and user account control have been integrated into the main interface to easily access material profiles and plugins. Three stages are shown in the header to give a clear guidance of the flow. The stage menu is populated with collapsible panels that allow users to focus on the 3D view when needed, while still showing important information at the same time, such as slicing configuration and settings. Users can now easily go to the preview stage to examine the layer view after slicing the model, which previously was less obvious or hidden. The new UI also creates more distinction between recommended and custom mode. Novice users or users who are not interested in all the settings can easily prepare a file, relying on the strength of expert-configured print profiles. Experienced users who want greater control can configure over 300 settings to their needs.

Ultimaker Cura is a very powerful tool with many features to support users’ needs. In the new UI, we present these features in a better, more intuitive way based on the workflow of our users. The Marketplace and user account control have been integrated into the main interface to easily access material profiles and plugins.

Redesigned 'Add Printer' dialog

Updated one of the first dialogs a new user is presented with. The layout is loosely modeled on the layout of the Ultimaker 3/Ultimaker S5 'Connect to Network' dialog, and adds some instructions and intention to the dialog. Contributed by fieldOfView.


Updated custom mode panel

Based on feedback from 4.0 beta, the custom mode panel is now resizable to make more settings visible. The set position will persist between sessions.

Monitor tab

Updated the monitor tab interface for better alignment with Cura Connect interface.

Remote printing

Use your Ultimaker S5 printer with an Ultimaker account to send and monitor print jobs from outside your local network. Requires firmware 5.2 (coming soon).

User ratings for plugins

With an Ultimaker account, users can now give feedback on their experience by rating their favourite plugins.

Integrated backups

‘Cura backups’ has been integrated into Ultimaker Cura and can be found in the ‘extensions’ menu. With this feature, users can use their Ultimaker account to backup their Ultimaker Cura configurations to the cloud for easy, convenient retrieval.

Plugin versioning

Newer plug-ins can't load in older versions if they use newer features, while old plug-ins may still load in newer versions.

LAN and cloud printer icons

Users can now quickly see if their printer is network or cloud enabled with new icons.

Improved UI speed

This version switches faster between extruders and printers. Your mileage may vary depending on your system specifications.

Floats precision

No settings in Ultimaker Cura require more than three digits of precision, so floats in setting input fields have been limited to three digits only. Contributed by fieldOfView.

Cura 3.0 Software Download Mac

Minimum support area

This feature allows set minimum area size for support and support interface polygons. Polygons which area are smaller than set value will not be generated. Contributed by vgribinchuk/Desktop Metal.

Lazy Tree Support calculation

In previous versions, 95% of Tree Support’s computation time was used to calculate the collision volumes to make sure that the branches avoid collisions with the meshes. Now it calculates these volumes only when necessary, reducing the computation time. Contributed by bjude.

CPE and CPE+ comb retractions

Changed all CPE and CPE+ profiles to travel up to 50 mm without retraction, decreasing blobs caused by combing long distances.

Marketplace improvements

Added optimizations to show a support site instead of an email address, increased the number of lines that are shown for the description, and show a 'website' link so people can order material directly.

Arduino drivers silent install

Previous versions stopped silent installation because the Arduino drivers packaged with Cura are not signed. Arduino drivers are now skipped when performing a silent install.

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New third-party definitions

  • Wanhao. Updated printer profiles to use new travel_speed macro (Contributed by forkineye).
  • JGAurora A1, A5 and Z-603S (Contributed by pinchies).
  • Alfawise U20 (Contributed by pinchies).
  • Cocoon Create ModelMaker (Contributed by pinchies).
  • Ender-3. Updates to the printer definition (Contributed by stelgenhof).

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Bug fixes

Cura 3.0 Software

  • Fixed an issue which prevented slicing when per extruder settings were changed with a disabled extruder.
  • Improved handling of non-Ultimaker network connected printers within Ultimaker Cura. Contributed by fieldOfView
  • Fixed an issue where printing with the second extruder only would retract material unnecessarily.
  • Fixed an issue where outdated plugins remained partially activated.
  • Fixed an issue where combing was not working when tweaking Retraction minimum travel.
  • Fixed an oversized print head collision zone when using print one-at-a-time mode.
  • Due to inaccuracy of floats in very large prints, the position is reset again several times using 'G92 E0' commands.
  • Improved update checker text for better readability.
  • Updated the implementation of 3MF in Ultimaker Cura for better consistency with 3MF consortium specifications.
  • Removed all final and initial print temperature offsets, and increased first layer print temperature to fix under-extrusion problems.
  • Holding shift and rotating a model on its axis for fine-grained rotations would sometimes pan the camera. This has now been fixed.
  • Added file type associations for .gcode and .g extensions.
  • Marked some more profiles as experimental.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicated PLA with a different label would replace the original PLA entry.
  • Updated which profile new materials are based when you create a brand new material. Contributed by fieldOfView.
  • Fixed adhesion type errors on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where system tray icons would remain when Ultimaker Cura is closed until mouse-over.
  • Added extra tooltip to give extra information about start/end g-codes.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking 'Create Account' would go to login instead of sign-up.
  • Fixed an issue where the legacy profile importer would generate corrupt profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where Ultimaker Cura could crash on start-up during the upgrading of your configuration to the newest version for some people.
  • Fixed an issue where Ultimaker Cura would crash after downloading plugin from Marketplace.
  • Ignores plugins folder when checking files for version upgrade. Start-up is now much faster if you've installed a lot of plugins or have used many versions of Ultimaker Cura.
  • Fixed an issue where the firmware checker shows up when there is no internet connection.
  • Fixed an issue where settings could not be made visible again after hiding all settings.
  • Fixed false configuration error for CC Red 0.6 core after a version upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where a warning is issued when selecting a printer with no material loaded. The extruder will now be disabled instead.