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While this used to be built-in on most devices, Adobe no longer supports the system on Android. The application is available on 4.0 and older versions. If you have a newer version of Android OS, you will still be able to utilize the player. Improve your web experience. The software includes video support for H-264 video and HE. Flash player has just been officially updated on the 28th of March. Reason for update? To keep Adobe Flash up to date with the latest Android 4 supported devices. The reviews are mostly positive so far. It’s supposed to work on ALL Android devices. So you can download it to your Android mobile smart phone, tablets, etc.


Adobe Flash Player works with most operating systems and functions as a plugin that allows your computer to support apps that require Flash.

With Adobe Flash Player, you can now play Flash games on any computer. Whether you're a fan of first-person shooting games, racing games or even farming games, you'll find that many of those games require that you have a current version of Flash on your computer. If you do not have Flash, games and apps will crash and pop up a window that tells you that you must download Flash.

Download Adobe Flash Player APK for Android. Adobe Flash Player is primarily multimedia platforms it can play a lot of different media formats like MP3, FLV, PNG, and GIF and all of them it can easily decode. It is a free application to download. Here, we are going to discuss the download process for Android.

Many of the top sites that provide videos also require Flash. This newer version of Flash now supports different video codes to improve your overall experience. You'll notice that the picture appears clearer and that the audio seems stronger too. It works on sites like YouTube and video similar sharing sites. Users will also like that it now works with Action Script 3.0, which delivers better graphics.

Though it works on most devices and with leading browsers and operating systems, it does not carry over between browsers. If you use both Chrome and Firefox, you'll need to download the plugin for both browsers. The plugin also comes with an updated version of Google Chrome that automatically downloads to your computer.

Adobe Flash Player experiences some issues with both Firefox and Chrome. It may issue a message that states it had problems before or after crashing. This occurs more frequently among those who use Flash with other apps running in the background and those who have multiple windows or tabs open at the same time. This may require that you shut down your browser or restart your computer. When working properly, the error message will occur immediately after the app crashes and will let you automatically refresh the page to save your progress.

Having this plugin on your computer can improve your overall web surfing experience too. Instead of coming across sites and seeing black or gray boxes with messages that you need Flash to view that content, you'll see clear images and videos on your screen. Adobe Flash Player makes it easy to watch videos, view animated GIF files and view other types of content on all your favorite websites. Download the plugin to experience the internet like never before.


  • Downloads and installs in seconds
  • Improves graphics on most video sharing sites
  • Automatically updates its security settings for extra safety
  • Works with popular operating systems, including Linux and Windows 8
  • Now supports apps and sites that use 3D graphics


  • Requires that users download separate versions for each browser they use
  • Can crash when using the plugin with other apps or open tabs/windows
  • Users experience some issues with freezing and the stability of the plugin

Adobe Flash Player used to be a crucial part for Android devices to run several apps and games, but it is now thing of the past. A lot of Android users are out there who still need Flash Player for their Android devices. As Adobe has officially discontinued Flash Player, we are here with its final available APK file that you can download to install Flash Player on your Android phone or the tablet.

About Flash Player for Android

The fate of Flash Player for Android was decided back in 2012. This article talks about the discontinuation of Flash Player for Android devices. On August 12, 2012, Adobe Inc. delisted its flash player app for Android from Google Play Store. Android Jelly Bean 4.1 was last supported for the updates released by Adobe Inc. for their Android flash player product.

Since the app was removed from Google Play Store, download the Flash Player APK file remained to be the only way to get the Flash Player on Android devices. And on this page, we are providing the Flash Player APK file that was last released by their original developer.

Why did you need it?

Firefox browser for Android and several other applications relied on Adobe’s Flash Player to display certain content. These apps needed Flash Player in order to work properly. But things have now changed. This isn’t a requirement in present time. Unless any of your old-school apps need this extension, you may not need to download the APK file from our archive.

In 2020, things have changed a lot. The entire technology has changed. This change is so rapid that Adobe Inc. realized it back in 2012 and they discontinued their Flash Player app for Android. If you still need the APK file of this app, get it below and install the app on your device.

What if the APK doesn’t work?

We guarantee that this is the clean and original Flash Player APK file from Adobe Inc. But we can’t guarantee that this will work on your device. Because things have changed a lot and now this old app is not of any use by Android OS. Each app, i.e. the browsers, have the full set of dependencies within themselves as well as Android OS provides all the extensions for the apps and games to work.

Why are we still offering the APK?

You may ask, if Adobe Inc. has discontinued this app, why are we still offering this APK file? The answer is, a lot of Android users still want to experiment with the old technologies. Moreover, Flash Player APK was among the most downloaded files from our website during last several years. That’s why we are still offering the last available APK file of Flash Player to interested Android users.

Download Adobe Flash Player 11.2 Apk For Android Download

Are there any risks?


No, there aren’t any risks. This is the clean APK file of the player developed by the original developers and it is untouched. This will either work or it will either break itself silently. The app will not impact any other functionality of your Android device.

So in short, either Flash Player will serve your need or it will simply not work. That’s it!

Download Adobe Flash Player 11.2 Apk For Android Pc

Download Flash Player APK

Download Adobe Flash Player 11.2 Apk For Android Tv

Below is the download link of Flash Player version 11.1.15 APK file and this is the latest version that the developers released before discontinuing the app. Get the APK file below, install it on your device, and give it a try to see if this works for you.