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This is an add-on for OfficeSuite. Cannot be used with other apps or as a stand-alone app.
View your office documents as they are meant to be seen with the Microsoft Windows Font Compatibility pack. The pack includes the most commonly used fonts in Microsoft Office documents.
 • Arial (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)
 • Arial Narrow WGL (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)
 • Calibri (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)
 • Comic Sans (Regular, Bold)
 • Cambria (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)
 • Cambria Math (special character set)
 • Courier New (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)
 • Georgia (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)
 • Palace Script MT
 • Sorts (symbol character set)
 • Symbol (symbol character set)
 • Tahoma (Regular, Bold)
 • Times New Roman (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)
 • Verdana (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)
 • Webdings (symbol character set)
 • Wingdings 1 (symbol character set)
 • Wingdings 2 (symbol character set)
 • Wingdings 3 (symbol character set)
You'll also find a selection of specially curated open source fonts:
A Bebedera, Ackermann, Acroscript, AlexBrush, Alfphabet, Ambrosia, Amburegul, Anke, Archicoco, Artaxerxes, Banana Brick, Beon, Bilbo, Binz, Brivido, Brush Lettering One, Certege, Climent Five, Comic Relief, Crimson, Cut-cut, Dancing Script, Didact Gothic, Dotrice, Douar Outline, Dynalight, Effects Eighty, Gabriola, Gamaliel, Garamond, Googily, Hobby-of-night, Impact, Interval, Kiri Font, Klaudia, Knots, Lato Regular, Lavoir, Libertinage, Logisoso, Lucon, Micross, Modern Antiqua, Old Standart, Open Sans, Orbitracer, Pacaya, Ponyo, Potion, Qwars Sans, Railway, Santa Barbara Streets, Strato, Sylfaen, Times Gothic, Titr, Toscuchet, Unique, Wachinanga
The font package is an optional add-on product compatible with OfficeSuite and OfficeSuite Pro.

When it comes to top fonts for android, this smart watch hogs a good share of the limelight. The beauty of the font is the way some of the letters have been patterned as the square dial of a smartwatch. Write the Different Fonts for Android. There is a wide range for fonts for Android that can be easily downloaded using the various Android font. Why should you use Android Oreo and EmojiOne fonts? Android Oreo and Samsung Oreo come with redesigned emojis that are way better than those of iOS. EmojiOne, the open source emoji standard, isn’t too far behind with its all-new 2017 pack. Their font features a whole other kind of emojis called the “decal-sticker”. Download Free Persian Font for free. This project aims to provide a free TrueType Persian font covering its part of ISO 10464/Unicode UCS (Universal Characters Set). Xda-developers Android Development and Hacking Android Themes COLLECTION 100000+ Fonts - Android's Biggest Font Pack by djjonastybe XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Looking for Android fonts? Click to find the best 176 free fonts in the Android style. Every font is free to download!

When we write on the computer using Wordpad, Notepad and Microsoft Word. We need fonts. Basically many fonts come with Windows pre-installed and some automatically installs when we install any software.

But if you want to become professional in writing then you must install additional English, Hindi, Border, Symbol, PMF, Commercial font and many more. So here I’m sharing over 1400+ fonts package free for you. Which you can download directly from

Download link 1400+ Fonts package

To download the 1400+ All-Fonts.rar file please click on the Direct Download link-

You will be redirected to site, where you can click on the Green Download (42.55 MB) Button and file download will be started. Save the file into your PC.

Once the file is downloaded then you’ll need Winrar software to extract the zipped folder. Get Winrar from official site:

Download and install the Winrar and open the folder where you have downloaded All-Fonts.rar file, Right click on the file and choose the Extract option from the context menu.

Download Font Packs For Android

If asks for password then use as a password.

How to install Fonts?

In Windows Xp-
1- Go to start menu> Control Panel>Font, Open File menu> install new font>Select Folder.
2-In the font folder Select all fonts >Right Click > Copy & Go to start menu> Control Panel>Font and right & Paste to install.

In Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, You can install fonts With Two easy steps-
1- In the font folder Select fonts > Right Click > click on install.
Download font pack android terlengkap 12500

Download Font Packs For Android Emulator

2- In the font folder Select fonts >Right Click > Copy & Go to start menu> Control Panel>Font and right click & Paste to install.

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Download Font Pack For Android

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