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Turbo-Mailer 2.7.10 is provided free of charge on Download Basket. Notice that it can be installed on the following OSs: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32-bit. The size of the file you will download is 3 MB. This downloadable file has been scanned by our built-in antivirus system, the analysis displays that Turbo-Mailer is absolutely safe.

Mass mail software for sending bulk email. Supports personalization variables.

1 Ratings
1 Ratings
This software has been created for simply sending out bulk email like newsletters or personalized ads without troubles.Its jump-start GUI is very easy to use. TurboMailer has powerful options like insertion of variables from tables, HTML mail and professional log files. Email addresses may be imported and calculated from list files or tables.
* Sends bulk email text & HTML
* Text Editor, built-in HTML Editor and interface to external HTML editor
* Sends attachments and embedded images (local images in HTML)
* Message personalization through text-variables (e.g. from Excel table columns)
* Multi-parallel SMTP (multi-threaded) exploits the bandwidth best for big mailing jobs
* BCC option reduces network traffic
* Automatic charset/unicode mail transfer
* Wide unicode text editor (supports multilingual/16bit character sets in plain text mails too)
* Writes professional log files (successful and refused email addresses).
* Imports address lists and personalization columns from local text files, from tables (e.g. Excel, CSV), from ODBC-connectable databases (SQL-SELECT) and from the Windows Clipboard
* No limits in size or length of lists other than memory
* Email address list manager :: Manage a set of lists. Combine and compute lists by mouse click
* Email address list formula computations: Joining and splitting, removing of duplicates, slicing of email lists, OperaTor syntax, and much more ...
* Outlook address books can be imported
* Importing of newsletter subscription notifications: Scanning of email addresses from arbitrary formatted notification emails in Outlook folders (like newsletter subscription notifications) or scanning from text/html files. Supports versatile regular expression patterns
* Supports advanced SMTP login
* Secure SSL/TLS SMTP transfer
Fixed some bugs.
Free to try
Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me
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Download Turbo Mailer 27 10 19

  • 24/7 Professional Support
  • Secure & Reliable Servers
  • Email Delivery Tracking
  • Flexible smtp Service Plans
  • Secure delivery of transactional emails
  • Email API
    for developers

    • Ready for GDPR!

      Protecting our users’ privacy is a priority for us, that’s why we take the utmost measures and the best practices for data protection.

    • Server infrastructure in Europe

      We use European E-mail servers and IP addresses, compliant with EU regulations for the protection of personal data.

Download Turbo Mailer 27 10


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