Electric 88 Vst Free Download

New music software developers, NoiseAsh Audio, tell us their recently released FREE Sweetcase is a fantastic sounding electric piano plugin for Windows & Mac producers. It's FREE, so download it now!

There's something about electric pianos that can be so entrancing and captivating. We find that's even more the case when they are free also! This one from NoiseAsh Audio has some warm and sweet tones indeed, and as an AU and VST is good for Windows and Mac users.

The Best Free Electric Guitar VST Plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software. 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz.

You can listen to NoiseAsh Audio's Sweetcase in action below... or download it here.

Sweetcase is a virtual instrument plug-in that takes your electric piano parts very easy level and realistic right in your computer, with warm and professional sound quality!


Electric 88 Vst Free Download

  • Warm, shiny realistic and customisable professional vintage electric piano sound with nice special 3D GUI.
  • Like most of NoiseAsh Audio products, this is a Ready to mix instrument. That means your e-piano tracks won’t need to be tweaked hard for modern analog vibe. It can be used in any kind of music that needs piano / electric piano tracks.
  • All samples were recorded, mixed / mastered through classic analog gears such as tape saturator, tube EQ and compressors.
  • Many round robins and different velocity layers for realistic sound.
  • Bass Boost, Bell, Modulation (Pan, Tremolo and Pitch), Built in Reverb controls.


  • Windows XP SP2 or later / OSX 10.6.8 or later
  • 4 GB RAM / 250 MB HD
  • 1024×768 screen resolution
  • VST, AU instrument plugin 32-bit or 64-bit host
  • Ability to download

Web: http://noiseash.com/downloads/sweetcase_vintage_electric_piano_vst_au_win_mac/

Some free VSTi try to emulate (more or less faithfully) the sound of the Roland Juno‘s synths (Juno 60, Juno 106 & Juno 6). All these synths were and are still popular. The Juno 106 were used by Acrid Abeyance and can also be heard in countless techno trax.
Get ready for fat chorus ! here’s a selection of freeware plugin :

1. TAL U-NO-62

DL : http://kunz.corrupt.ch/products/tal-u-no-62

Available in 32 & 64 bit for Windows and MAC OS X (in VST & AU format).
The best VSTi to get Juno60ish sounds, trust the chorus ! trust the chorus.
dont forget to check out the other plugins by TAL, the chorus is available as a separate VST effect !
Check the “power pad” preset : the sound is full.
Great for bass and pad, few controls for easy tweaking. Pump up the bass!

2. Sixth Month June VST by Elektrostudio


go ! => http://www.elektrostudio.ovh.org/index.php?go=june

Available for Windows (32 bit). A virtual recreation of the Roland Juno 6, there are some nice pads in the presets. + a simple and effective arpeggiator and a delay effect.
It’s great for pads, and can do some good bass too.
and if the chorus isn’t “fat” enough for you, there’s also a unison. When the unison is on, the synth turns to monophonic mode.

Electric 88 Vst Free Download Windows 10

here’s 16 presets for the bestiole : https://blog.wavosaur.com/download/SixMonthJune-16-presets.zip
some samples : pad / choir pad / noisy keys / arp bass


3. kwop7 VST by GTG

Electric 88 Vst Free Download 64-bit

direct download & information

A synthedit creation (Windows 32 bit only).
This free VST from GTG is an emulation of a Juno6, it sounds very good.
The first bass preset is my favorite ! full persuaders attitude.
It’s great for bass & pads. Great smooth silky chorused sound.

4. DCO-6 VST by mztk

DCO-6 VST free

info & download

A VST emulation of the Juno 106, created with Synthedit. Nice look, doesn’t sound bad.
You can do bass , lead & pads very quickly.

5. Retro 6 JUNO 6 VST by Brainslayer & Strepto

direct download & info

The UI is nice but the sound lacks in all departments
The project is open source, so feel free to improve it ! http://sourceforge.net/projects/juno6/


Here’s a screenshot of an older version :

Juno 6 VST

7. Luno by Osiris Synth

Electric 88 Vst Free Download Windows 7

download : https://sites.google.com/site/osirissynths/Home/synth-page

Electric 88 Vst Free Download Mp3 Music

here’s the bonus track ! a VST emulation of the Juno 106. It’s pretty simple and comes with 40 presets. You can tempo sync the LFO.