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I tried to use the following expression in Dev-C void main (void) The compiler give a warning message 'output of main is not int'. When I compile my dos program and execute it, Dev-C minimizes and then restore in a second but nothing appears. When creating a console application, be sure to uncheck “Do not create a console” in Project Options (when working with source files only uncheck “Create for win32” in Compiler Options). I think you have mistakenly altered the settings.What you are probably talking about is called a 'report Window' in C.You may have turned it OFF. Click on View>>Check 'Floating Report Window'. Welcome to the C Tutorial. In this first C tutorial, you will learn how to write (and run!) your first C program, “Hello, World!”. Along the way you will learn a little C history, see how to configure a C console application in Visual Studio 2017, walk through code structure, and see how code is built.

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Filesystem library
File types
Defined in header <filesystem>
std::uintmax_t file_size(conststd::filesystem::path& p );

std::uintmax_t file_size(conststd::filesystem::path& p,

std::error_code& ec )noexcept;
(1) (since C++17)

If p does not exist, reports an error.

For a regular file p, returns the size determined as if by reading the st_size member of the structure obtained by POSIX stat (symlinks are followed)

The result of attempting to determine the size of a directory (as well as any other file that is not a regular file or a symlink) is implementation-defined.


The non-throwing overload returns static_cast<std::uintmax_t>(-1) on errors.


Error 1450 Dev C%2b%2b

Error 1450 Dev C 2b 2b 1

p - path to examine
ec - out-parameter for error reporting in the non-throwing overload

[edit]Return value

The size of the file, in bytes.

Error 1450 Dev C 2b 2b +


The overload that does not take a std::error_code& parameter throws filesystem_error on underlying OS API errors, constructed with p as the first path argument and the OS error code as the error code argument. The overload taking a std::error_code& parameter sets it to the OS API error code if an OS API call fails, and executes ec.clear() if no errors occur. Any overload not marked noexcept may throw std::bad_alloc if memory allocation fails.


Possible output:

[edit]See also

Error 1450 Dev C 2b 2b 1b

changes the size of a regular file by truncation or zero-fill
determines available free space on the file system
returns the size of the file to which the directory entry refers
(public member function of std::filesystem::directory_entry)[edit]

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