Esv Bible Download For Pc

  1. Free Esv Bible Download For Pc

The ESV Classic Reference Bible combines the ESV Bible text with an extensive system of more than 80,000 cross-references in the center column on each page. With its readable type, color maps, and a major concordance, the Classic Reference Bible is the first choice for personal Bible reading and in-depth study.

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Esv Bible Download For Pc

Greetings to all,

Can anyone tell me where I could download an ESV Bible in simple CSV or tab delimited text format (eg Book, Chapter, Verse, Text). I'd like to import it into a database for personal study. I'm using a Mac running OS X.

Thanks for any help.



Free Esv Bible Download For Pc

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    This link from a few days ago should help: Web tool for XML to CSV Bible conversion

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    This is the dumbest website ever created.

    Every post says 'this link' or such, but all the forum links sitewide are gone.

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    Dear azvampyre,
    Thank you for taking the time to post your constructive feedback. I'm sorry that our efforts in our spare time, when we could instead be spending time with our family and friends, falls short of the standards you expect from a volunteer project.
    A simple search would have highlighted the post in question.
    However I believe it was referring to OpenSong XML Bibles. A separate tool is no longer required to import this, you can now do so directly within OpenLP.
  • Hello
    Newbie here ... I am hoping to follow up on the original question here.
    Do you guys have a csv file of the ESV? Even a .txt file would suffice but probably a little on the large side.
  • There's an ESV on the OpenSong downloads page. We don't offer downloads due to copyright laws.
  • Hello again,
    I am sorry but your comments do not seem to answer the question. If you have answered the question I do not understand what it is that you are saying.
    Do you have a csv of the ESV - if yes, I wonder can you post the link; if no, please just say.
  • No, we (OpenLP) don't have a CSV of the ESV. We only provide Bibles that are in the public domain.
    However OpenSong (another project) may well have one on their Bible downloads page in their own format which you can import into OpenLP.
  • Great Team, Great Work, Great sacrifice!! God bless you OpenLP team. May you never loose your reward and the harvest of the seed you are sowing.
  • Go to:
    Scroll down to English and you'll see several OpenSong Bibles (including ESV) you can download, all of which are compatible with OpenLP. You can find more at and click on the language code you want (ie. ENG for English Bibles).
  • Does anyone have the Amharic Bible in one of the supported formats? Or can anyone know how to convert a PDF file to CSV? Please help!