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Bus Simulator 2012, as it's name suggests is a bus driving simulator that allows you to experience what it's like to drive a bus in a German city. The bus routes contain over 450 stops, and the details of the bus you drive have been perfectly recreated. Physics are as close as possible to the real thing and you are free to plan your own routes.

See if you have what it takes to navigate a bus along the streets of a fictional town in Bus Simulator 2012.

The town you're driving in is called Freyfurt. While this isn't a real town in the world, it does feature streets and roads that you have to drive a bus on so that you get an idea as to what it might be like to drive a large vehicle. When you're playing the game, you have to observe all of the traffic rules of the road, making this a realistic game instead of one that is just for fun. Another fun aspect of the game is that you can pick up passengers, check the tickets that they have and make sure that they get to their destinations on time.

The day begins by going to the bus depot to get on your bus. You have to check all of the controls to make sure your vehicle is running properly. If there are any odd lights on, then you have to check to see what could be wrong before getting on the road. There are over 400 stops in the city that you can check out. You don't have to stop at all of the places, but if you can get to as many as possible, then the game becomes interesting. There will be more passengers, and you will find that the game seems to be a little more intriguing as to how you navigate through the town with so many stops under your belt. Cars will try to hold you up at times, and you might have to slow down to avoid obstacles in the road. There is even an option of taking students to school safely and on time.


  • Realistic adventure
  • Several stops in the game


  • Repetitive environment
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DEMO to try out the Bus Simulator 2012. For mid-low-end systems.

Bus Simulator 2012 - DEMO (Basic Version)
For mid-low-end systems

In this demo version, you are able to explore an urban district, aswell as one complete bus route with the solo bus.

PLEASE NOTE: This demo is limited to 90 minutes of gaming.

Euro Bus Simulator 2012 Full Version Crack

Euro Bus Simulator 2012 Full Version

Euro Bus Simulator 2012 Full Version Download

System requirements:
Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7 or newer
CPU: Dual Core @2,6GHz
GPU: GeForce 9800GT or similar AMD/ATI (better recommended)
RAM: 2 GB (recommended 3 GB)

Bus Simulator Download


Please update your graphics drivers!

European Bus Simulator