Flash Effects Free Download

Muzzle Flash Gun Fire Single Shot Side royalty free stock video and stock footage. Download this video clip and other motion backgrounds, special effects, After Effects templates and more.

Muzzle flash effects free download

Item content

  • Energy fields animations (x25)
  • Smoke explosions animations (x25)
  • Electric FX animations (x25)
  • Basic shapes animations (x25)
  • Bonus stuffs (a few more animations and the original After Effect project file)
  • Animation preview gallery
  • Video tutorial

About the project file you will need trapcode particular and CC Mercury plugins for use it. There is two .aep file inside, the original was built in CS6 and I’ve put another one, a CS4 compatible but caution, with this version some animations could be differents (it comes from particular preset who have not been correctly converted for CS4 ).
In conclusion, if you need to make some cell shading scene, or to punch your motion design pieces, this is absolutely for you. The energy fields animations are here to give some dynamism to your movements, the smoke explosions will give some spectacular toony look. Electricity effects will make alive your shapes and titles and the basic shapes animations are a best friend to enrich all your movements, compose them all and your graphics scene will look more great ! Have fun !
The provided tutorial will help you to use the animations and the original project file.


Adobe Flash Effects Free Download

Sound track made by AudioQuattro: Punch

Free – Film Grain Overlay

A beautiful super 8 film grain overlay effect with a sprocket hole on the left side. This will give a great film look to your footage. This effect works good with the “lighten” or “screen” blend modes.

Free – Old Film Overlays with Sharpie Markers Effects

These are different effects of traces of Sharpie markers on old 16mm film. The transparency effect will work great if you use the “multiply” or the “darken” composite modes.

Free – Bad TV Signal and Glitch effects in 4K

This is an experiment where we shot different types of analog noises on an old TV screen. Feel free to use them as motion background textures or as transition effects for your creative video projects.

Free – Old Film Overlays of Trashed 35mm Film

These files are animated scans of deteriorated 35mm film slides. Just place a file of your choice over your footage and apply the “multiply” or “darken” blending modes.

Free – Grunge Film Effect

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Flash Text Animation Effects Free Download

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Free – Old Film Effects of Bleached Film

These very beautiful photochemical textures are the result of a very bad manipulation of film during processing. They may not be the easiest overlays to work with but you can get some cool results out of it.

Free – 4K Film Leader

A very short, but pretty nice piece of a 16mm film leader. It can be used as a quick transition effect or overlay effect. It’s also a teaser so we can convince you of the superior scan quality of our premium paid bundles.

Flash Effects Free Download

Free Psychedelic Drive-In Intermission

Similar to what we’ve seen in the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse Movies “Death Proof” and “Planet Terror”. From Authentic Vintage 16mm Film – Apple Prores Proxy, 720p

Free Old Film Effect – 16mm Damaged Grunge Texture

A very nice deteriorated piece of 16mm film with the sprocket holes on the left side. Use it as a motion background or as a quick stylized transition for your creative video projects.

Free – Paper texture with nasty baby photo included

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