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  1. Icloud Unlocker Activation Code Free Software

This post will help you to bypass/unlock iCloud on Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini 2 with Retina, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 Cellular, which is locked by service iCloud. Include locked through “Lost and erased”.

Step 4: Now you are connected to iCloud services in your phone. Unlock iPad iCloud activation lock by using software. You can also use software like PassFab Activation Unlocker to know how to unlock the iCloud activation lock on the iPad mini. This one is a reliable method. Follow these steps to unlock iCloud locked iPad. Icloud Activation Unlock free download - iCloud Remover, EMCO UnLock IT, iCloud, and many more programs. You can use iPhone normally after the iCloud Activation unlock. Bypass iCloud Activation doesn't mean that you are able to use iPhone with absolutely nothing wrong. When you try to use apps like Newsstand, FaceTime and Phone, you will have to go through iCloud activation unlock all over again.

After this, you will install any apps on your iCloud free iPad, make jailbreak, assign your own Apple ID account, and do any other things.

To Unlock/bypass iCloud you need to disassemble the iPad, delete 1-2 items from the motherboard, and restore the iPad through iTunes.

If you are looking for not hardware iCloud bypass method you can try another way for ALL iCloud locked devices # Option 2: iCloud unlock online.

#1 Hardware method: How this Apple iCloud Unlock/bypass method works

With help of this method, you can modify iCloud locked iPad Cellular into iCloud FOREVER free iPad WiFi-only model. Your new iCloud bypassed iPad will not be wired with the Apple ID of the previous owner. You will install any apps, make jailbreak, assign your own Apple ID account, and do any other things. At this moment iCloud bypass method is fully tested for iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini 1, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 with Retina Display, and iPad Air 2

If you are looking for not hardware iCloud bypass method you can try another way for ALL iCloud locked devices # Option 2: iCloud unlock online.

How to bypass iCloud on iPads Cellular with help of easy hardware method

Apple devices (for example iPads) have some part on the logic board called Board_id. Board_id is responsible for how the device identifies itself. For iPad, there are several possible configurations: Apple TV, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad Cellular, Apple iPad WiFi only.

When Apple’s iCloud servers bloсked iPads they do this in 2 ways:

  • iPad WiFi only will be blocked by its serial number.
  • iPad Cellular will be blocked by its serial number and IMEI.

To bypass/unlock iCloud on iPads Cellular you need to disable it’s modem chip and change Board_id.

If you just only disable the modem you will get an error and not working device. Sometimes this happens when the modem or cable modem is broken even on iPads which isn’t blocked in iCloud. My method can revive such devices.

When you disabled the modem chip and changed Board_id device will stop work properly. Something inside will say: “Hey man, something wrong! My hardware is like for WiFi-only model, but you use firmware for Cellular model. I go in DFU-mode and you should go in iTunes and restore me”.

When you connect your iPad to OS will install the driver for it.

After this iTunes will find iCloud blocked iPad in restore mode and propose you restore the iPad.

At the finish, you will have iCloud unlocked iPad WiFi only. Now It can be registered on your own Apple ID through a new clean serial number.

Wifi + Bluetooth check A7 Serial+WIFI+BT for IPAD (iPhone 5S,iPad Air,iPad Mini 2,iPad Mini 3) supported

If you have some problem with recovering check the USB cable and restore the iPad manually from the file with firmware. Remember that now you have iPad WiFi only hardware and you should download WiFi-only firmware. For example, if you have iCloud locked iPad Air Cellular A1475 you should download firmware for iPad Air WiFi-only A1474.

# Option 2: iCloud unlock online

Before taking a look at the service providers that offer iCloud lock removal services it must know the phone status. There are three major info in GSX Report +Sold By+REPLACEMENT+Case History report.

# Sold by: Sold by info will explain the which organization sold this device.

#Case History: It is the most important part of this report this section will showing all the cases of a particular IMEI.

#Replacement: Replacement history will also another section for sowing any replacement that happens before a particular phone.

this service above is not support lost or stolen, clean only

Want to bypass iCloud on your iPhone? You will be glad to know there are a lot of iCloud unlock tools available that allow you to download free. But which one should you use? Just read this post before trying any of them.

Part 1. iMyFone iBypasser Bypasses iCloud Activation Lock without Apple ID or Password

If you want to bypass iCloud activation lock from your iPhone without Apple ID or password, then you can use a powerful tool called iMyFone iBypasser. iBypasser specializes in bypassing iCloud activation lock from iOS devices running iOS 12.3 and later versions. It is famous for high success rate, no skill required and free trial before purchase. Why not have a try? You can get into your iPhone again after bypassing.

Features of iBypasser:

  • Powerful iCloud activation lock bypass tool that supports the latest iOS 13.6.
  • Bypass activation lock without previously used Apple ID and passwords.
  • This iCloud unlock tool is free to download.
  • Access iPhone and use a new Apple ID after bypassing activation lock screen.
  • No worries of track or erase from the previous Apple ID.

Steps to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen with iBypasser

This is the video toturial to bypass icloud activation lock without password.

Download and launch iBypasser on your computer.

Step 1. Click 'Start' and connect your iPhone to computer with a lightning cable.

Step 2. Wait for seconds when the program is downloading a package which can jailbreak your device.

Step 3. Follow the onscreen instructions and click 'Next' when the jailbreak is done.

Step 4. The program will start to bypass the iCloud activation lock screen. It will finish in a while.

Icloud Unlocker Activation Code Free Software

Part 2. Four iCloud Unlock Tools Free Download

Following are four iCloud unlock tools. Please note that these tools haven't been tested by us so they may or may not work. It is recommended that you read reviews of the tool before download it.

2.1. Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool is one of the iCloud unlocking software available on the market. The tool is easy to use and works on all iOS devices including iPod Touch.

Doulci uses its own iCloud bypass server which makes it highly efficient and successful when it comes to removing iCloud account from an iDevice. The website of this tool has amazing support and it also contains tutorials which you can take advantage of in order to learn how to effectively use this tool. Although Doulci iCloud unlocking tool is free, you have to complete a survey in order to download it which some users may find annoying.

2.2. iMyFone LockWiper Removes Apple ID from Activated iDevice

If you want to remove iCloud account from your iPhone without password, then you can rely on third-party Apple ID removal tool called iMyFone LockWiper iPhone Unlocker. LockWiper specializes in removing/bypassing iCloud account from activated iPhone/iPad. It is also a powerful lock screen removal tool which can prove to be useful if you need to bypass/remove screen lock of your iPhone.

LockWiper Amazing Features:

  • Powerful iCloud account removal tool. You can use it to remove iCloud account from activated iDevice without any password.
  • After removing iCloud account, your bypassed device won't be blocked or erased remotely by the previous iCloud account.
  • You can use a new iCloud account in the device without any issues after iCloud account removal.
  • Gain all iCloud services and Apple ID features after removal: shop on iTunes store, download or update apps, update iOS version, etc.

Steps to Remove iCloud Account from iPhone

Keep in mind that this tool can only remove iCloud account from an activated iPhone/iPad. An unactivated iPhone/iPad can not be unlocked.

Step 1. On your computer, launch iMyFone LockWiper. Use a compatible lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your PC.

Step 2. On LockWiper, click on Unlock Apple ID mode. It will be displayed on the home screen of the software.

Step 3. Now click on Start to Unlock button on the next screen. iMyFone LockWiper will start the unlocking process.

2.3. Open my iCloud

This is another easy to use iCloud unlocking tool that is widely available and you can use it to bypass or unlock iCloud from your iDevice. The software is quite fast and efficient and also comes with a tutorial to help new users figure out how to use it effectively. You can use Open my iCloud to bypass or unlock your iCloud within just 10 minutes. The software supports all iDevices and iOS versions, including the latest ones.

Open my iCloud uses your iPhone's IMEI code to bypass iCloud. You can download this tool on Windows for free.

2.4. DoctorUnlock

DoctorUnlock is not exactly a tool. It is a service which you can take advantage of by visiting their website. It is a popular service that you can use to conveniently remove iCloud from your iPhone. The service is quite efficient and fast and supports all models of iPhones, even the latest ones.

The process of removing iCloud from an iPhone is quite straightforward with DoctorUnlock. You simply need to visit the website, click on iCloud Unlock, specify your iPhone model and provide the IMEI, and you are done.

Keep in mind that DoctorUnlock is not a free service and it will cost you to bypass iCloud. The cost varies depending on the device model.


Bypassing iCloud from iPhone is possible and there are many tools available that can help you do this. If your device stuck on iCloud activation lock screen, then it is recommended that you use iMyFone iBypasser as it is user-friendly, fast, and highly efficient when it comes to bypassing iCloud activation lock from an iDevice.