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Kali Nethunter Apk Download For Android


The Kali Linux NetHunter project is the first Open Source Android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices, created as a joint effort between the Kali community member “BinkyBear”.

I had been putting off getting NetHunter on my phone for some weeks and when I was reading through the new release of Kali 2020.1 I came across an interesting update on Kali NetHunter:

Installing Kali NetHunter on stock Android without voiding the warranty.

I did the install on a OnePlus 7T and I believe it should work with any stock unrooted Android device. So lets get cracking.

Install the NetHunter store application by downloading the apk file from here: https://store.nethunter.com

Once installed and launched on your device you should have a screen that looks like this:

You need to install Termux, NetHunter-KeX client, and Hacker’s keyboard from within the NetHunter store app. Start by searching for ‘NetHunter Kex‘ and hit install.

Then search for ‘keyboard‘ and select Hacker’s keyboard from the list and hit install.

I had Termux on mine so didn’t need to install it but you can search for ‘termux‘ and select Termux from the list and hit install. Once you have the necessary applications installed, launch Termux and issue the following commands:

$ termux-setup-storage

Kali Linux Nethunter Apk Free Download For Android

$ pkg install wget

$ wget -O install-nethunter-termux https://offs.ec/2MceZWr

$ chmod +x install-nethunter-termux

$ ./install-nethunter-termux

The ./install-nethunter-termux‘ command will begin the installation of NetHunter on the device. This will take some time based on bandwidth you have as it will require to download the Kali image that matches your device. Mine was about 1.2GB.

Once the download and installation is complete you will be welcomed with the KALI screen on termux with some basic configuration commands to setup and start NetHunter. To be able to use the desktop on your phone you will need to use kex which creates a basic VNC connection that allows you to access the desktop via NetHunter kex client. We need to authenticate to this session so set up a password for the none root user by issuing the following command:

You will be requested to repeat the password and you can then choose to use a view only password or not.

To be able to connect to this VNC session issue the following command:

Take note of the port for the new X display session that starts. Mine ran on port 5901. Open the NetHunter Kex client and enter the configurations to connect to the session. I set my connection setting to ‘localhost‘ port ‘5901‘ and keyed in the password we set up earlier and Voila! I have a Kali desktop running on my phone.

I recorded my phone screen to show how to get the desktop display session going.

This post was guided by the notes available here: https://www.kali.org/docs/nethunter/nethunter-rootless/

For full usage of NetHunter check the documentation page here: https://www.kali.org/docs/nethunter/

NetHunter App Store is an Android app store where you can find tools for pentesting, spoofing, sniffing, auditing and other utilities for hackers

We generally turn to stores other than Google Play, such as the Malavida App Store, either because we are looking for better quality in the selection and evaluation of applications, or because what we are looking for < strong> is not available in the official Android store such as WhatsApp MODs, modified versions of games, apps to download videos from YouTube, slightly offbeat games or apps that violate Google standards .

Kali Linux in Android version

And this also applies to hacking applications such as those found on the NetHunter App Store , a directory or catalog of tools of various kinds to audit WiFi networks, perform penetration tests, analyze vulnerabilities, do spoofing or sniffing , protect our privacy, collect information and a multitude of other utilities which in themselves are not a problem , unless we use them in an unethical or dishonest manner.

Kali Nethunter Apk Download For Android Windows 10

The application is developed and maintained by the same developers as those of Kali Linux, the distribution geared towards computer security, so it is not surprising to find many utilities similar to the ones we can use in this Debian distribution. All apps are perfectly categorized according to their purpose and are updated regularly so that we can use the latest version.

  • The installation of the app among the APK file requires the activation of the option 'Unknown sources' in Settings> Application.