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An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Download korg pa arranger software for free. Office Tools downloads - Style Works 2000 Korg Pa by Korg Italy and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Free Korg PA Styles This is a FREE SET of Korg Styles for your evaluation and to get familiar with the installation procedure before you decide to purchase any of our valuable sets. This Demo Set contains 6 fully functional high quality styles within Favorite01 Bank. The list of styles are as follows: Slow Fox 3 / Happy Waltz / Mod.

License Agreement
Files available for free download in this page may come from Korg users and distributors. Korg Inc. and Korg Italy S.p.A. cannot be considered responsible for any violation of the Copyright laws regarding music, artist's names, song titles, lyrics, etc. for all those items not created by Korg Inc. and Korg Italy S.p.A.
When submitting a file, please be aware that it is the party submitting it who is responsible for determining if any rights to a given work are being violated. If a file is found to violate intellectual property rights, it will be immediatly removed from the list.

Model Compatibility

Style Format

Pa50 - Pa50SD
Pa1X Pro
Pa1X Elite
Pa500 Local
Pa3X Le
Pa600 - Pa600QT



Styles - vol. 18 Styles - Pa80 format
Styles - vol. 28 Styles - Pa80 format
Styles - vol. 38 Styles - Pa80 format
Styles - vol. 48 Styles - Pa80 format
Styles - vol. 58 Styles - Pa80 format
Styles - vol. 68 Styles - Pa80 format
Styles - vol. 76 Latin Styles - Pa80 format
Styles - vol. 816 Styles - Pa1X format
Styles - vol. 98 Styles - Pa1X format
Styles - vol. 106 Styles - Pa1X format
Styles - vol. 118 Styles - Pa1X format
Styles - vol. 128 Styles - Pa1X format
Piano Styles26 Piano Styles - Pa80 format
Same as above - Pa800 format - Optimized for Pa500
Same as above - Pa800 format - Optimized for Pa2X/Pa800
Real DrumsReal drum grooves + 16 styles - Pa1X formatRealDrums.zip
Turkish Arabic WorldTurkish and Arabic sounds + 30 styles - Pa1X formatTurkishArabicWorld.zip
Turkish Arabic Styles - vol. 112 Arabic Styles - Pa80 format
These styles can be used only in combination with the RMC-PCM02 'Turkish Arabic World' Card
Pa60HD packageThis file contains the data preloaded into the hard disk of the Pa60HD, plus an instruction manual. Several of the files found in this page are already included in this preload file - Pa80 format
Bonus CollectionCollection including 13 new styles and some other taken from the Pa800 preload (total 64 styles) - compatible with Pa1X os. 3.00 or higher - Pa1X format
Same as above but including only the 13 new styles optimized for Pa800 - Pa800 format
Styles - vol. 1314 Styles - Pa800 format
Styles - vol. 1426 Styles released with Pa800/Pa2X operative system v.2.0 - Pa800 format
Styles - vol. 154 Styles to celebrate the New Year - Pa800 format
Mexican Styles32 Mexican Styles (thanks to Korg Usa) including among others: Mariachi, Banda, Cumbia, Bolero Ranchero and Merequetengue - Pa800 formatMexican_Styles.zip
Styles - vol. 1615 Styles - Pa3X format + more than 150 SongBook entries
Styles - vol. 1724 Styles - Pa3X format - This set is already included in the Pa3X v.1.50 updateStyles - vol. 17.zip
Styles - vol. 1823 Styles - Pa3X format - Different musical genresStyles - vol. 18.zip
Styles - vol. 1912 Styles - Pa3X format - Different musical genresStyles - vol. 19.zip
Styles - vol. 208 Styles - Pa3X format - Different musical genresStyles - vol. 20.zip
Styles - vol. 21New - 6 Styles - Pa3X format - Pop and Dance genresStyles - vol. 21.zip
Styles - vol. 22New - 9 Styles - Pa3X format - Pop and Rock genres - Courtesy Korg & More (D)Styles - vol. 22.zip

Korg legacy style preload

Pa80, Pa60, Pa50, Pa50SD, microArrangerPa80 format
Pa1X (all versions)Pa1X formatPa1X_preload.zip
Pa800 formatPa500_preload.zip
Pa800, Pa2XPa800 formatPa800_preload.zip

Carillon Studios

Company producing styles specifically designed for Pa Products.

d-o-o (Direct order On-line)

Company producing styles and midifiles specifically designed for Pa Products.

Music Meyer

Party Hit4 Styles - Pa80 format
Mixed Styles42 Styles of various genres - Pa80 format
Turkish Styles48 Styles, 80 Performances,
17 Progs, 5 Drum Kits - Pa80 format
Technics® Styles70 Styles converted from the KN-Series
(licensed from Taiyo Software) - Pa1X format

Sound Company

Dance Styles 8 Disco/Dance Styles - Pa80 format

Espen Beranek Holm

Korg Microarranger Styles Free Download Windows 10

Blues Brothers Songs3 Styles - Pa80 format

Can Elektronik

Turkish Arabic Styles - vol. 248 Arabic Styles - Pa80 format
These styles can be used only in combination with the RMC-PCM02 'Turkish Arabic World' Card

Basem Shlewiet

New Arabic Styles - vol. 148 Arabic Styles, Performances, Programs & Drum Kits - Pa80 format
New Arabic Styles - vol. 232 Arabic Styles, Performances, Programs & Drum Kits - Pa80 format


Spanish StylesStyles from the Spanish distributor of Korg - Pa1X formatLetusa01.zip



Music Meyer

Frank Bell Performances9 Banks - Pa80 format


Free Performances for EXB-01 Concert Grand Piano card (optional). Two files are available, one for each slot used - Pa1X format

Programs / Sounds


Grand Touch RXNew Piano Sound with Damper Resonance & Noise compatible with Pa1X os. ver. 3 only (with hard disk installed)

AIM System Studio

Triton & Triton-Rack PreloadThese files contain the original four Program Banks of the Triton and Triton-Rack converted for Pa-series - Pa80 format

Arjen Roek

Best from Triton & Triton LEA bonus selection of Synth Sounds - Pa80 format


Sounds Vol.1A new set of Sounds - Pa1X formatSound-v01.zip


XMas PadsPads for the Merriest Christmas - Pa1X format
Espana PadsEspana 'caliente' Pads - Pa1X format
Arabic PadsArabic rhythmic patterns - Pa1X format
German Pads3 different Tush patterns - Pa1X format

Computer Tools


Style Works XT Korg
This is a special version of Style Works XT Korg, EMC's renowned, award-winning style-conversion utility. It is provided as a freeware* application for Korg Pa arrangers, and includes some of the functionalities you can find in the complete package.
With Style Works XT, you can convert styles from the most popular formats from Generalmusic, Kawai, Roland, Solton/Ketron, Technics, Yamaha, Wersi.
For upgrading to the complete (commercial) package please contact directly EMC.

Style Works XT Korg (Demo)

Style User Bank Manager

With this special, free edition, you will be able to create and edit a User/Favorite bank of Styles on the PC, by simply using drag&drop and without having to load the Styles on the Pa.
Also included are a Prelisten and a Save Text List functions.

Style User Bank Manager (Demo)

KORG Pa Manager

KORG Pa Manager
Editor/Librarian for Style, Performance, Pad, Sound and PCM. A handy utility to preview .set contents it is also included.
Demo version avaialble

Tablet Tools

BauM Software

Digital music sheet reader. Can be synchronized to Pa-Series internal SongBook.
Demo version available

Shareware: You can try this software for a limited time, after which you are asked to pay the requested fee. Please support shareware software by paying it to the author!
You can use the software for free. You can distribute both shareware and freeware softwares, provided you don't alter the original package, and don't ask money for them.
Disclaimer: Third-party software supplied in this page is supported only by the original manufacturer. Korg can't be considered responsible for its quality and support.

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Korg Microarranger Styles free download. software

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