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Massey TapeHead v1.3.4674 32bit WIN
Size 7 Mb

TapeHead Saturator

Tapehead is right in line with Massey’s track record. It’s dead simple to use, it sounds great and as always it’s free to demo for as long as you like!


There are only three controls on the plugin interface; Drive, Trim and a three-stage Normal / Bright switch, all of which do exactly what they say.

The trial version of Tapehead will only work as a mono plugin, but if you upgrade to the full licensed version then it will be available in stereo too.

Tapehead works best when you want to use just a bit of it. For example on vocals, it’s really easy to add just enough grit without it sounding clipped or distorted, which is surprisingly rare in saturation plugins. But as good as tapehead sounds on vocals, it comes into its own on drums.
Again, you don’t need to do much with it, put it across a drum mix and set it to Bright. With just a little drive, you will notice the drum sound as a whole get chunkier and will sound more present in your mix without the overall tone changing all that much.

I strongly suggest you give it a go, and if you like it as much as we do then consider getting the full version which will add a few extra features like stereo support, automation and save+recall functionality.

The L2007 is a mastering-grade look-ahead brickwall limiter -- that you've probably already heard on one of your favorite records.
“Miles ahead” of others“this plug-in has got to be the star of the show.” When something “is this good and this affordable, there should be no indecision.”
The L2007 makes mixes sound richer and thicker, effortlessly. Just tweak the threshold knob -- It's like magic. In other words, there is “something poetic about having two large knobs and letting the unit do the rest.”
Sit back, relax and enjoy.
Operating Notes

Massey Vst Crack Plugins

The modes alter the behavior of the envelope detector. There's a complex set of parameters that go into the algorithm and this packages them up into an easy-to-use control. The audio material and the degree of limiting will affect how audible this settting is. If you're only shaving a couple of dB off, this setting is not going to matter much at all.
  • Loud: This is the most straightforward 'industry-standard' setting. Good for rock music.
  • Mellow: has the same dynamics characteristics as Loud, but reduces some of the gritty midrange to high-end distortion. The compromise is a little less perceived loudness.
  • Smooth: This mode has an altogether different dynamics characteristics than Loud or Mellow and can tend to round off the high-end when pushed harder. This mode will often have less distortion on most material, but more pumping-&-breathing artifacts.
  • Vibrant: This mode is more reactive to the mid-range and has an overall different feel and distortion characteristics than the other modes. Though Mellow or Loud probably sound better with ridiculous amounts of limiting, Vibrant is my favorite when working within a reasonable range.

Vst Torrent

Normal is the fastest release and I generally advise leaving it in this setting. The L2007 has an intelligent program-dependent envelope detector that will attack and release as slowly or quickly as it sees fit. Each Mode was carefully designed to release in a particular manner for most material. The Release control simply slows down those specifically-designed characteristics. So, Normal will probably sound the best without much fussing around. Slower releases might be useful for reducing compression distortion artifacts in certain cases or for simply changing the aesthetics of the compression quality.