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Play through this classic arcade game revamped and re-released on the PC

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If you've spent any time in the arcades of old, then there's chances you've at least seen Metal Slug. This 2D side scrolling shooter challenges players to navigate level after level filled with jumping enemies, crazy antics and tons of explosions. Originally designed by SNK in the 90's for stand up arcade machines, Metal Slug's claim to fame was its vivid art style and extravagant play style; not for a moment does the game take itself seriously. From wacky enemies to massive explosions, the game is pure fun and well worth the cost of admission. Now a revamped version is available for the PC.

Game Play


Game play can be summed up fairly simply: run as fast as you can, shoot as much as you can and try not to get hit. Its harder than it sounds as enemies return fire, bounce around and throw all kinds of explosions in the direction of your soldier character. To defend yourself the player picks up gun upgrades at fairly regular intervals: heavy machine guns, flame throwers and rocket launchers. In addition, there's the weapon system that the game is named after, the Metal Slugs. A Metal Slug is a tank that allows the player two guns, a machine gun that can be pointed anywhere and a main gun to deal bigger damage to enemies foolish enough to wander into the front arc. On foot the characters are killed by anything that hits them, but inside the tank they can sustain several hits before before dying. Metal slug can be played single player or as a co-op.


The over the top, zany and cartoon-y graphics of Metal Slug are instantly recognizable to anyone who's played the game. The story is simple and speaks of the times; the rebels have stolen two prototype tanks, the Metal Slugs, from the Regular Army research base and its up to two marines to get the tanks back and to smash the rebel opposition. Enter Marco and Tarma who are tasked with recovering these tanks regardless of the wanton destruction that may follow.


Metal Slug Download Free For Android

  • Fast and frantic run and gun game play
  • Great graphics (for the time) and stylized presentation that makes metal slug a classic

Metal Slug Download Apk Android


  • Anyone looking for more than a simple game won't get what they're looking for here. This is a simple, classic game, without the options of other side scrolling shooters

Metal Slug Download Pc

The evil dictator Morden is at it again--and this time the whole world's his battlefield! Time to lock and load with SNK's latest 2D side-scroller, Metal Slug 2.

Full-Metal Mayhem

Forget about fancy polygons and high frame rates; for simple, addictive, good old-fashioned 2D side-scrolling action, Metal Slug 2 delivers the goods. Aside from occasional slowdown, the action moves at a blistering pace, espedaily in the two-player, simultaneous mode. The gameplay's still the same: never stop, and blow the hell out of anything that moves! With enough quarters, even you can save the world.

Women in the Military

Metal Slug Download Free

Slug 2 adds a lot to the melee! Joining Slug veteran characters Marco and Tarma are two fresh female recruits. Eri and Fio. An expanded armory includes a laser gun, Molotov cocktails, and armor-piercing bazooka shells. The motorpool now has three new vehicles: the Slug Flyer (a jump jet). Slugnoid (a walking mini-mech). and the Camel Slug (a camel with a machine gun on its back).

Things That Go Boom

Metal Slug Download Apk

Slug 2's action takes place throughout many combat zones: on the back of a moving train, in an Egyptian tomb, in a secret laboratory, and so on. The game has a greater variety of enemies than its predecessor: In addition to endless waves of troops, you'll square off against mummies, sword-toting Arabs, and even hostile aliens. Some funny new touches have been included: If you collect too many fruit power-ups, you'll be turned into an obese soldier who moves slower than normal; and if you're not careful in the Egyptian tomb, the residents may transform you into a mummy!

Metal Slug Download Psp

Overall rating: 9.5