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IPads and iPhones run iOS and Macs run macOS. There isn't going to be quite as convenient as the Windows Add-in, but for iOS, search the Apple app store for translate and see which one meets your needs. There are several free apps there. You may have to copy and paste from PowerPoint to the translator app. Hi Jo, For Office 2016 for Mac, the translate option is not available. For Office 2011 for Mac, we can use the Translation pane to translate the content.


Microsoft Presentation Translator Mac Torrent


Why am I unable to speak in the conversation?

Look at How do I speak in a conversation? to learn about using push-to-talk to speak during a conversation.
First, verify that the language selected is a speech-supported language. For the list of speech-supported languages, visit If your language does not support speech, you will not see a microphone icon on the screen.
Second, note that iPhone and iPad devices have a technical limitation that inhibits websites from accessing their microphones. Therefore participants will be unable to speak using iOS devices even if a speech-supported language was selected.
Thirdly, confirm that you clicked on yes when the browser asked for microphone access for the website. Without the permission to access your microphone, speech features cannot be enabled.
Fourthly, verify that you have not been muted by the conversation creator. If the conversation creator is giving a presentation or wants to prevent interruptions, they might have muted all other participants from speaking.