Mini Vci J2534 Driver Windows Xp

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Following are the new V10.10.018 Toyota Techstream software, free download and step-by-step instruction guide provided. ToyotaTIS Techstream V10.10.018 software can be free downloaded here:
O/S: Windows XP without any anti-virus software

Cheapest MINI VCI J2534 Single USB Cable Supports Toyota TIS Techstream V14.20.019 OEM Diagnostic Software,free shipping on Windows XP/windows7/8. Solved: Windows 10 driver for Mini VCI cable (J2534) For those that are using EBay/Amazon Mini VCI cables, the driver fails on Windows 10. These are the only instructions that I found that worked. If you plan to use EcuFlash, do not download these files - go to the EcuFlash download page instead, as the driver and J2534 DLL installation are built into the EcuFlash install. Download Openport drivers and J2534 DLL for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 openp.4791.exe 5466 kb.exe.

Connect MINI VCI J2534 interface with computer. Windows detect device driver automatically. Open MVCI Firmware Update Tool-Device Info to check firmware information. Firmware version: V1.4.1. Step 5: run Techtsream 13.00.022. Open Toyota TIS loader shortcut on desktop. Accept Java runtime notice by clicking on Yes. System will open Windows IE. MINI VCI cable for TOYOTA TIS Techstream, I‘ve bought mine from OBD365 for around $30. The cable is about 4’ long, with a box and “MINI-VCI J2534 Standard OBDII Communication Interface” sticker. The cable comes with a mini CD with drivers and Toyota Techstream software; it is advertised as “Newest V8.30.023”.

MINI VCI 16-pin cable, MINI VCI 16-pin and 22-pin cable, Xhorse MVCIcable

Mini Vci J2534 Driver Windows Xp X64

How to install MINI VCI Toyota TIS Techstream 10.10.018?
1) Install Toyota Techstream-10.10.018.setup
Open and run MINI VCI 10.10.018 setup
Select Language, click “Next”
Accept license agreement, click “Next”
Click “Next” in Customer Identification program
Click “Install” when “Ready to install the Program” message prompts
2)Activate Toyota TIS Techstream
Go to C:Program FilesToyota DiagnosticsTechstreamEnvIT3System.ini

Mini Vci J2534 Driver Windows Xp Installer

TISFunction=1 to
Click Ok
Mini vci j2534 driver windows xp iso
Install “Mini-VCI Driver for TOYOTA-CABLE 2.0.1”
Click “Next” then “Install”
Open “My computer”>> “Device Manager” >> “USB Serial PORT (COM4)”
Click on “Device info” button to check device information, SN, firmware version etc
6) Configure Techstream 10.10.018
Open “Techstream” software on the desktop
Click “Setup” Tab>> “Tecshtream Configuration”

Select “Europe” in Area Selection windows, click “Next”

Select Tecshtream software language: English, click “Next”

Plug the Xhorse MINI VCI cable into the Toyota diagnostic socket
Initializing USB communication

After good communication is built, complete your vehicle information

Mini Vci J2534 Driver Windows Xp Iso

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