Optical Hypercure Oven Unit User Manual Coburn

  1. Optical Hyprocure Oven Unit User Manual Coburn Pdf
HyprocureOptical hyprocure oven unit user manual coburn -
I've got a complete set for the following machines, through the publication of the Coburn 'Catalog' dated November 1977. I'm very willing to scan any machine publications you might be interested in. Please send me an e-mail requesting individual machines to: [email protected]
I'm looking for a place where these can be placed on-line for future posterity.
As far as I can tell, none of these individual publications have copyrights on them, and neither does the manual as a whole. The documents will be in multi-part zipped PDF form.
Lens Marker (no machine number available)
96 Prism Blocker
97 Layout Blocker
99 Metal Blocker (-T and -TL variants)
107 Sphere Machine
108 Manual Generator
112 H & HW Generator
113 Hydraulic Generator
113 HW Generator
114 Low Curve Generator
301 'A Cylinder Lap Cutter'
303 Sphere Lap Truer
1801 Template Lap Cutter
1 Score-o-matic
501 Cylinder Surfacer
502 Cylinder Surfacer
504 Cylinder Surfacer
505 Cylinder Surfacer (2 speed)
506 Cylinder Surfacer (2 speed)
601 Sphere Surfacer
R-3 Hand Edger
R-5 & RD Hand Edger
R-16 Hand Edger
101 Lens Chucker
102 Deblocker
103 Mini Lens Chucker
203-H Bevel Edger
2001 Bevel Edger
212 Pair-o-matic
Deluxe Lens Drill
Mini Lens Drill
207 Pattern Rack
403 Centri Kool
404 Chilling Unit
Mist Collector

Optical Hyprocure Oven Unit User Manual Coburn Pdf

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