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TV show Prison Break is a crime drama created by P.Scheuring which is broadcast on American FOX tv channel. Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller plays the main role.
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Prison Break S01-S05 (Season Episode 1-91 Torrent. Prison Break is an American television serial drama created by Paul Scheuring, that was broadcast on Fox for four seasons, with 81 episodes from August 29, 2005 to May 15, 2009, and a fifth season which aired from April 4, to May 30, 2017. Michael turns up the heat to break through to the other side of his cell wall and outside forces plan to move up Lincoln’s execution day. Meanwhile, a full-scale riot in the prison threatens lives and gives T-Bag an opportunity to uncover a startling secret. Outside the walls, Veronica and Nick track a lead to Washington, DC. Apr 16, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by arwa izito. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. ⚡Download⚡ Full Episodes of Prison Break Season 2 in High Quality, for Andoid in mp4, tablet Mac and PC in 720p.


Prison Break season 5 begins a few years after the tragic events of season 4. The death of Michael has changed the lives of his loved ones. But time doesn't stop. Sara has focused on the raising of her and Michael's son, who begins to ask questions about his father. T-Bag comes to Lincoln with a photo, which depicts Mike and says that he's alive. As it turns out, Scofield is in the Middle East, in Yemen prison. Lincoln says this shocking news to Sara, but she doesn't believe in it. They understand that there is only one way to check the information. When the brothers met in prison - Sara, Lincoln, Michael and their friends begin to develop a plan to escape. For family, for love, for justice, for freedom...

Prison Break season 4 will be the moment of truth for the brothers. They learn the shocking truth about what happened to their parents. Thanks to James Whistler, they receive information about Scylla - a server with data, the loss of which could be fatal for the Сompany. Their freedom becomes more dangerous to many influential people in America who are involved in criminal schemes. The brothers and their companions decide to get Scylla and destroy the Company. DHS agent Don Self offers cooperation to Scofield and Burrows. He promises relief from charges of crimes when they get Scylla.

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Prison Break season 3 continues to talk about the most wanted fugitives of America. Company operatives kidnapped L.J. and Sara. Michael, T-Bag, Bellick and Mahone are enclosed in the Panamanian prison 'Sona'. Lincoln remains at large and is trying to figure out how to help his son and brother. The woman, who works for a Сompany, makes a deal with Lincoln - Mike must help James Whistler to escape from prison. But Sona lives by its own laws. It has its own authorities, who take important decisions and have greater opportunities. Lechero is one of them - the unofficial king of the prison. T-Bag becomes Lechero's assistant. Mahone realizes that he can escape with the help of Michael and therefore is trying to become his ally.

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Prison Break season 2 begins 8 hours after the escape of eight prisoners. Brad Bellick's forced to abandon of the search group. It will be headed by FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone. A former prison guard Bellick continues to pursue the fugitives on his own initiative. Agent Mahone announces on national television that the fugitives are the most-wanted US criminals. He's trying to be proactive and anticipate the next steps of Michael. In addition, FBI Agent also uses the old proven techniques, such as the threat to close relatives. He finds the Lincoln's son L.J. and tries to use him as bait. Brothers are trying to free LJ from the courthouse. After a while it became clear that Alexander Mahone is acting on the instructions of the mysterious 'Company'. This secret society affects all levels of government, from the police to the US president. Company falsified the Lincoln's crime. Now, Company operatives are trying to destroy the brothers. Michael and Lincoln want to understand what they have prevented it.

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TV series 'Prison Break' is the story of what people are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the brother. Michael Scofield's an orphan and an genial engineer. His older brother, Lincoln raised him. The action of the TV show begins when Lincoln was charged with murder of a senior official, he didn't commit. He faces the death penalty. Michael believes in the innocence of his brother. Hope for justice is very small, and they have only one option - to escape. Lincoln's in the Fox River State Penitentiary, in the design of which was attended by Michael. Scofield's developing a plan, details of which he encrypts as a huge tattoo on his body. After that he robs a bank and was arrested. He's incarcerated in Fox River, too. Veronica Donovan is a lawyer and a good friend of the brothers. She learns about Michael's plan. Now she has doubts regarding Lincoln's guilt. Veronica decides to help him and try to dig up the case, which involved dangerous people. Despite this, Michael proceeds to the next step in his plan. The idea of escape from a maximum security prison may seem crazy and impossible. But not for Michael Scofield...

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