Psr Styles Download

Sep 15, 2018 Download: PSR 3000 Styles (Latin 02) 1 file(s) 4343 downloads. PSR 3000: May 28, 2018: Download: PSR 3000 Styles (Show & Movies 01) 1 file(s) 4026 downloads. Apr 12, 2020 PSR Style Database 4.7 can be downloaded from our software library for free. The most popular versions of the PSR Style Database are 4.7, 4.6 and 4.5. The latest version of the program is supported on PCs running Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, 32-bit. This download was checked by our antivirus and was rated as clean.

At the request of our Russian friends, we made two new Russian Song Styles for YAMAHA Keyboards. The free styles available for almost all new and old yamaha keyboards in format SFF1 and SFF2

  1. Styles FREE: Here is the another Yamaha Download (part 9) with 57 wonderful styles for your keyboard! These styles are designed to run on the PSR S950 but should work in all Yamaha PSR Series keyboards, including the Tyros series.
  2. In this site you can download free yamaha styles from everywhere in the world. Unique collections of voices, midi, style files and registry information in the whole world. Styles for all kinds of Yamaha keyboards including portable keyboards, digital pianos, arranger workstations, professional synthesizers and workstations.

Newest Styles For Yamaha Workstation Keyboards

With the Guitar Pop Reggae Style, you can play very famous Russian Song Lyubov Uspenskaya 'Gitara' (Любовь Успенская - Гитара) on Your Yamaha Genos, Yamaha Tyros, Yamaha PSR and more... Also you can play another different musics and covers in style reggae, russian gipsy music, and of course is even possible play with this style very famous and nice Greek music cover 'Anamnesis', and more more...

The second free style 90's Disco Style, designed to play Russian song cover of Irina Alegrova 'S dnem Rojdeniya' (Ирина Аллегрова 'С Днем рождения') on your YAMAHA Keyboard. Also you can play different 90's Disco and Dance music....

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523 Preset Styles

Yamaha claims the PSR-S975 is the ultimate PSR, with more content and a large memory capacity - 768 MB -- for expansion packs. PSR-S975 combines all the functionality of other models in the range together with powerful performance features including versatile effects, external display capability and a programmable vocal harmony function.

The PSR-S975 has 450 Preset Styles while the more junior PSR-S775 has 360 Preset styles in 10 style categories. The styles in the S975/S775 are the same as those in the S970/S770 except that the previous Ballroom and Latin categories are now combined into a single LATIN&BALLROOM category. Combining those two style categories made room for a new PLUS style category button. The S970 includes 73 PLUS styles specially provided for playing music suitable in your area. That brings the total styles on the S975 to 523. Additional Expansion packs can also be installed further increasing the total number of styles available.

Two style types are new to the S975: DJ Styles and Audio Styles.

  • DJ Styles can be selected from the category called up via the [DANCE] button. These contain their own special chord progressions, so you can add chord changes to your performance simply by changing the root key. (You cannot specify the chord type, such as major and minor, when using the DJ Styles.) The Multi Pad data in the 'DJ Phrase' folder are specially created for these Styles.
  • The Audio Styles (+Audio) have been specially produced by adding audio recordings of studio musicians playing in various recording studios worldwide. This adds all the natural feel, ambience and warmth to the drums and percussion of the Style, giving your performance greater expressive potential. Specifically, it retains the subtle nuances and grooves that are difficult to reproduce using the preset drum/percussion kit. Yamaha Time Stretch Technology allows the audio to follow your tempo. Audio styles were introduced on the Tyros5 models, but are not available on the Genos.

The table below lists all of the styles in the PSR-S975 and PSR-S775. Styles marked with a (C) are common to both the S975 and S775. The 90 styles exclusive to the S975 are marked with an (A) and shown in blue font. Three styles appear only in the S775 and they are marked with a (B) and a red font. The cateogy titles indicate the total number of styles in the S950 (and the S775) for that category.

Yamaha Psr Styles Download

PSR-S975 & PSR-S775 Preset Styles
BALLAD - 45 (29) Styles
12-8Ballad (C)
16BeatBallad (C)
6-8BalladRock (A)
6-8Modern (C)
6-8Orchestral (C)
6-8SlowRock (C)
70sChartBallad (A)
70sGlamPiano (C)
80sAnalogBallad (A)
80sBoyBand (C)
80sEPBallad (C)
80sSmoothBallad (C)
8BeatBallad1 (C)
8BeatBallad2 (C)
90sCoolBallad (C)
Acoustic8BtBld (A)
AnalogBallad (A)
AngelSun (A)
Chillout1 (C)
Chillout2 (C)
ChilloutCafe (A)
ChillPerformer (A)
ContempGtrPop (A)

ContempPopBld (C)
CoudyBay (C)
Easy8Beat (A)
EasyBallad (C)
EPBallad (C)
EpicBallad (C)
GuitarSerenade (C)
IndustrialChill (A)
LoveSong (C)
Modern16BtBld (C)
ModernPopBld (C)
NewR&BBallad (C)
NightWalk (A)
OrganBallad (C)
PianoBallad (C)
Play4Sofa (A)
PopGtrBallad (A)
PopWaltz (C)
PowerBallad (C)
R&BSlowBallad (A)
R&BSoulBallad (C)
SoulR&B (C)
COUNTRY - 29 (26) Styles
70sChartCntry (C)
70sCountryPop (C)
Bluegrass (C)
CntrySing-along (C)
Country2-4 (C)
Country8Beat (C)
CountryBallad (C)
CountryBeat (A)
CountryBlues (C)
CountryBrothers (C)
CountryHits (C)
CountryPop (C)
CountryRock (C)
CountryRockBld (C)
CountryShuffle (C)
CountryStrum (C)
CountrySwing (C)
CountryTwoStep (C)
CountryWaltz (C)
EasyCountry (C)
FingerPickin' (C)
FolkPop (C)
Hoedown (C)
ModBluegrass (C)
ModCountryBld1 (C)
ModCountryBld2 (C)
ModernCntryPop (C)
ModernPickin' (A)
NewCountry (C)
DANCE - 64 (48) Styles
6-8Trance (C)
70sDisco1 (C)
70sDisco2 (C)
70sDiscoFunk (C)
80sDisco (C)
80sSynthDisco (C)
90sDisco (C)
BigRoom (A)
ChartPop2 (A)
ChartR&B (C)
ClassicHipHop (C)
ClubBeat (C)
Clubdance1 (C)
Clubdance2 (C)
ClubDJHouse (C)
ClubHouse (C)
ClubMixDJ (A)
Dancefloor (A)

Dancehall (C)
DiscoHouse (C)
DiscoPhilly (C)
DiscoTeens (C)
DreamDance (C)
Dubstep (C)
ElecCity (A)
ElectricHouse (C)
Electronica (C)
ElectroStep (C)
EuroDance (C)
EuroTrance (C)
FrenchClubHouse (C)
FrenchDJ (A)
FunkDisco (C)
FunkyHouse (C)
GangsterHouse (C)
Garage (C)
GlobalDJ's (C)
GrimeHouse (C)
Groundbeat (C)
HardStep (A)
Ibiza2010 (C)
MellowHipHop (C)
MiamiHouse (C)
MinimalElectro (A)
ModChartPop (C)
ModernHipHop (C)
NatureHipHop (A)
NewHipHop (C)
NewR&B (C)
PercussiveTrance (A)
PianoHouse (C)
PopR&B (C)
ProgressiveHouse (C)
R&BElectro (A)
ReggaetonDJ (A)
RetroClub (A)
RetroPop (C)
SynthPop (C)
TrancePop (C)
TripHop1&2 (C)
USChartHit (A)
USHipHop (C)
ENTERTAINER - 48 (34) Styles
70sFrenchHit (C)
8BeatAdria (C)
AlpBallad1 (C)
AlpBallad2 (C)
AlpenSchlager (A)
ApresSkiHit (A)

BreathlessHit (C)
ChartFox (A)
DiscoFox (C)
DiscoFoxRock (C)
DiscoHands (C)
EuroPopOrgan (C)
Evergreen (A)
GermanRock (C)
HelloShuffle (A)
MallorcaDisco (A)
MallorcaParty (C)
ModernSchlager (A)
PartyArena (A)
PartyPolka (C)
PartyRock (C)
PolkaPop (C)
PubPiano (C)
ScandBugg (C)
ScandCountry1 (C)
ScandCountry2 (C)
ScandShuffle (C)
ScandSlowRock (C)
Schlager6-8 (C)
SchlagerAlp (C)
SchlagerBeat (C)
SchlagerFever (A)
SchlagerFox (C)
SchlagerItalia (C)
SchlagerPalace (A)
SchlagerPolka (C)
SchlagerPop (C)
SchlagerRock (C)
SchlagerRumba (C)
SchlagerSamba (C)
SchlagerShuffle (C)
SchlagerWaltz (C)
SoftSchlager (A)
StandardPop (C)
SwissCharts (A)
Tijuana (C)
YoungBallad (A)
YoungFox (A)
LATIN&BALLROOM - 58 (52) Styles
9-8 Waltz (C)
Axe (C)
Bachata (C)
Batucada (A)
Beguine (C)
BoleroLento (C)
Bomba (C)
BossaNova (C)
BrazilianBossa (A)
BrazilianSamba (C)
Calypso (C)
ChaChaCha (C)
CoolBossa (A)
CubanChaCha (A)

CubanSon (C)
Cumbia (C)
Danzon (C)
EnglishWaltz (C)
FastBossa (B)
Forro (C)
Foxtrot (C)
Guajira (C)
GuitarRumba (C)
HappyReggae (C)
Jive (C)
Joropo (C)
LatinDisco (C)
LatinPartyPop (C)
Merengue (C)
OrchestralBossa (C)
OrganBossa (C)
OrganChaCha (C)
OrganQuickstep (C)
OrganRumba (C)
OrganSamba (C)
OrganSwing (C)
Parranda (C)
PopBossa (C)
PopLatin (C)
PopLatinBallad (C)
Quickstep (C)
Reggaeton (C)
RockChaCha (C)
Rumba (C)
RumbaFlamenco (A)
RumbaFlamencos (C)
RumbaIsland (C)
Salsa (C)
SalsaGranCiclon (A)
Samba (C)
SambaReggae (C)
SheriffReggae (C)
SlowBossa (C)
SlowFox (C)
SwingFox (C)
Tango (C)
TangoFlamenco (A)
VienneseWaltz (C)
MOVIE&SHOW - 32 (27) Styles
70sTVTheme (C)
AniFantasy (C)
AnimationBallad (C)
BaroqueAir (C)
Blockbuster (C)
BroadwayBallad (C)
ChristmasShuffle (C)
ChristmasSwing (C)
ChristmasWaltz (C)
ClassicPianoBld (C)
EtherealMovie (C)
EtherealVoices (A)
French50s (C)
GreenFantasia (C)
Moonlight6-8 (C)
MovieBallad (C)
MovieDisco (C)
MoviePanther (A)
MovieSoundtrack (C)
MovieSwing1 (C)
MovieSwing2 (A)
OnBroadway (A)
OrchestralBolero (C)
OrchestralMarch (C)
PopClassics (C)
RomanticBallet (A)
SaturdayNight (C)
Sci-fiMarch (C)
SecretService (C)
Showtune (C)
TapDanceSwing (C)
WildWest (C)
POP&ROCK - 49 (36) Styles
16BeatRock (A)
6-8Rock (A)
60s8Beat (C)
60sBigHit (A)
60sGuitarPop (C)
60sPianoPop (A)
60sPopRock (C)
60sRisingPop (A)
60sSuperGroup (A)

60sVintagePop (C)
60sVintageRock (B)
70s8Beat (C)
70sRockShuffle (A)
80sGuitarPop (C)
80sPop (C)
80sPopRock (C)
80sPowerRock (C)
90sSynthRock (A)
8BeatModern (C)
90sGuitarPop (C)
90sRockBallad (C)
AcousticRock (C)
BritPop (C)
BritPopSwing (C)
BritRockPop (C)
BubblegumPop (C)
CanadianRock (A)
ChartGuitarPop (C)
ChartPianoShfl (C)
ChartRockShfl (C)
Classic8Beat (C)
ContempRock (C)
ContempRockBld (A)
Cool8Beat (C)
FunkPopRock (C)
HardRock (C)
JazzPop (C)
KoolShuffle (C)
Live8Beat (C)
OrchRockBallad (A)
PowerRock (C)
RetroSoul (A)
RockShuffle (C)
RockShuffleFast (A)
ScandPopShuffle (A)

StandardRock (C)
Unplugged (C)
Uptempo8Beat (C)
VintageGtrPop (C)
WestCoastPop (C)
R&B - 36 (33) Styles
6-8Soul (C)
60sRock&Roll (C)
70sChartSoul (C)
BlueberryBlues (C)
BluesRock (C)
DetroitBeat (A)
DetroitPop1 (C)
DetroitPop2 (C)
FranklySoul (C)
FunkPop (A)
FunkyShuffle (A)
GospelBrothers (C)
GospelSisters (C)
GospelSwing (C)
JazzFunk (C)
KoolFunk (C)
LiveSoulBand (C)
LovelyShuffle (C)
ModernShuffle (C)
MotorCity (C)
OldiesR&R (C)
PianoBoogie (C)
Rock&Roll1 (C)
Rock&Roll2 (C)
Rock&RollShfl (C)
ShuffleBlues (C)
Skiffle (C)
SlowBlues (C)
Soul (C)
SoulBrothers (C)
SouthernGospel (C)
Twist (C)
Worship6-8 (C)
WorshipFast (C)
WorshipMed (C)
WorshipSlow (C)
SWING&JAZZ - 37 (30) Styles
AcousticJazz (C)
AfroCuban (C)
Bebop (A)
BigBandFast1 (C)
BigBandFast2 (C)
BigBandSwing (A)
Charleston (C)
ClassicBigBand (C)
CoolJazzBallad (C)
CoolJazzWaltz (A)
CoolPianoJazz (C)
CoolSwing (C)
Dixieland (C)
DreamyBallad (C)
EasyListening (C)
FastJazz (A)
Five-Four (C)
FrenchJazz (C)
InstrumentalJazz (C)
JazzClub (A)
JazzGuitarClub (C)
JazzWaltzFast (C)
JazzWaltzMed (C)
JumpJive (C)
MidnightSwing (C)
ModBigBandBld (C)
ModBigBandShfl (C)
ModernBigBand (C)
ModernJazzBld (C)
MoonlightBallad (C)
MORSwing (C)
OrchBigBand1 (C)
OrchBigBand2 (C)
OrchestraSwing1 (C)
OrchestraSwing2 (C)
OrganGroove (C)
Ragtime (C)
WORLD - 52 (45) Styles
6-8March (C)
ArabicEuro (C)
Bhajan (C)
Bhangra (C)
BohemianWaltz (C)
Duranguense (C)
Flamenco (C)
FrenchMusette (C)
FrenchWaltz (C)
GermanMarch (C)
GermanWaltz (C)
Grupera (C)
Hawaiian (A)
HighlandWaltz (C)
HullyGully (C)
IrishDance (C)
IrishHymn1 (C)
IrishHymn2 (A)
ItalianMazurka (C)
ItalianPolka (C)
ItalianWaltz (C)
Jig (C)
Jing Ju Jie Zou (C)
Keroncong (C)
Laff (C)
MalfufFunk (A)
MariachiWaltz (C)
ModCeltic4-4 (A)
ModCeltic6-8 (A)
ModernDangdut1 (C)
ModernDangdut2 (C)
Norteno (C)
OberPolka (C)
OberWalzer (C)
OrientalPop (C)

PopFlamenco (C)
Reel (C)
Saeidy (C)
SaeidyPop (A)
ScandWaltz (C)
ScottishPolka (C)
Sirtaki (C)
SpanishPaso (C)
Tarantella (C)
TurkishEuro1 (C)
TurkishEuro2 (C)
USMarch (C)
USMarchingBand (A)
WehdaSaghira (C)
Xi Qing Luo Gu (C)
ZitherPolka (C)
Zouk (C)

Plus Styles

The table below shows the 73 Plus styles included with the S975/S775 for English, German, French, and Spanish users.

PSR-S975 & PSR-S775 PLUS Styles
PLUS - 73 Styles

S975 Styles

Note: all of the styles listed on the S970 page will work perfectly fine on the new S975. The S075 should also be able to play all the styles from earlier PSR-S and PSR keyboards.

PSR-S975/S775 Demos

  • Bonners Review Demo of PSR-S975 (32 min)
  • Demo Yamaha PSR-S975 Styles Factory (32 min)
  • NAMM 2018 Yamaha PSR S975/S775 Arranger Keyboards (3 min)
  • Yamaha PSR-S775 - Factory Styles Rock&Pop and Ballad (21 min)

Yamaha Introduces the PSR-S975 and PSR-S775, Versatile Arranger Workstation Keyboards Loaded with Advanced Features

ANAHEIM (January 25, 2018) — Yamaha today launched the PSR-S975 and PSR-S775 , two 61-key Arranger Workstation keyboards that offer compelling new features for all-in-one performance, songwriting, arranging and recording.

The elegant, intuitive and powerful PSR-S975 is the new flagship of the PSR-S line. It gives users a comprehensive set of musical tools designed to let them realize their musical ideas quickly, with lots of control.

Psr S670 Styles Download

Both new keyboards sport a built-in MP3 lyrics player. Users now have the ability to display lyrics from MP3 songs on the keyboard's 7-inch color LCDs. The PSR-S975 can connect to an external display for ultimate audience participation.

The PSR-S975 and PSR-S775 provide a range of powerful audio-centric features. Vocal Cancel lets users effectively remove the vocal or lead instrument from an audio song to create 'minus-one' tracks for practice or karaoke-style performance, and even change their pitch and tempo independently. The PSR-S975's Audio Styles include audio rhythm tracks played by real musicians that aren't emulating the real thing, they ARE the real thing.

Both new keyboards are compatible with the optional Yamaha KS-SW100 subwoofer, giving their powerful onboard speaker systems the capability to sound even bigger.

'These new Arranger Workstations bring even more features and top-notch content to an already robust legacy of composition, recording and performance keyboards. Updates that our customers have been asking for, such as the MP3 lyric display and additional onboard Flash ROM now come standard,' said Dane Madsen, marketing manager, Digital Pianos, Yamaha Corporation of America. 'And as always, the PSR-S series continues to be one of the most powerful songwriting tools around. Songwriters can get from an idea to a fully arranged demo faster than ever.'

The PSR-S975 is loaded with a whopping 768MB of Flash ROM—up from 512MB on the previous flagship—preloaded with Yamaha Voice and Style Expansion content. It offers close to 1,000 instrument Voices, including grand piano, strings, brass, drums, EDM synthesizers, and much more. It features a guitar/mic input, USB audio recording and sample playback via the flexible multi-pads.

The PSR-S775, which includes many of the same features at a lower price point, includes 280MB of Flash ROM and 930 instrument Voices, an increase of 100MB and 100 Voices from the model it replaces.

Pricing and Availability

Psr Tutorial Styles Download

Yamaha PSR-S975 (MSRP: $2,599) and PSR-S775 (MSRP: $1,699) keyboards will ship in February 2018.