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Total War ROME II: Patch 16

  • 1Technical and performance improvements
  • 2Usability Improvements
  • 3Balancing Changes

Technical and performance improvements


  • Fixed a rare projectile crash in battles.

Campaign AI improvements

  • Adjustment to Campaign AI to force factions that have just become known / discovered to take on the current attitude towards the player, rather than be neutral.

General battle improvements

  • Fixed bug with Celtic Linothorax armour on units in battle.
  • Fixed misaligned settlement walls in Tigranocerta city battle map.
  • Stopped infantry user triggering 'riders into wedge' voiceover during battles.
  • Armies moving from a settlement will no longer trigger 'move completed' dialogue lines before their move has begun.
  • Armenia can no longer use large onagers when defending in a custom siege battles.

General Campaign improvements

  • Fixes for seasonal effects and adjustments to income types and amounts from buildings in the campaign so subsistence is more favoured.
  • Diplomatic scores have been lowered in general, and It is now harder to make client states.

Usability Improvements


  • Factions are now listed in 2 columns in the Custom Battle and Multiplayer *Lobbies, to prevent the faction list going off the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed a Roman minor port coastal battle map, where units could disembark on an out-crop of land at the edge of the map, and therefore would get stuck and no longer be able to fight the navies in the battle.
  • Fix for broken deployment area on port tile near the Dolmens in France.


  • Faction Trait Icons fix - adjust to newer Emperor Edition colour scheme.

Balancing Changes

Unit Stats

  • Increased armour of Foot Companions.
  • Increased melee attack of Thracian Slingers, Bowmen, Skirmishers.
  • Increased charge bonus of Carthaginian Noble Cavalry.
  • Increased damage of longbows but reduced reload rate.
  • Increased health of First Cohort and Eagle Cohort.
  • Removed square from noble Spearmen and Persian Hoplites.
  • Increased range of Nubian Bowmen to 150.
  • Increased the health, attack and melee defence of Egyptian Cavalry.
  • Increased the health of Thureos Spears by 5.
  • Karian Axemen ranged weapon swapped for the same javelins as used by Thureos Spears.
  • Increased the attack, armour and health of Mercenary Leopard Warriors.
  • Increased the morale and armour of Camel Spearmen.
  • Increased the morale of Camel Archers.
  • Attack and charge bonus increased for Agrianian Axemen.
  • Increased the armour of Thessalian Cavalry.
  • Changed weapon of Hippeus Lancers so they do more damage.
  • Increased the morale and health of Elite Persian Archers.
  • Increased the armour, charge and melee defence of Etruscan Hoplites.
  • Increased the morale of Light Hoplites.
  • Increased the health of Heroes of Sparta.
  • Increased the range of Gallic Hunters.
  • Increased the health of Celtic Skirmishers.
  • Increased the melee attack, charge bonus and melee defence of Celtiberian Cavalry.
  • Increased the melee attack and charge bonus of Iberian Noble Cavalry
  • Cantabrian Cavalry have been given higher damage javelins..
  • Increased the armour of Veteran Riders.
  • Increased the hit points of Horse Runners.
  • Increased the armour of Bloodsworn.
  • Increased the armour and morale of Spear Wall.
  • Increased the morale and melee defence of Night Hunters.
  • Increased the melee attack and melee defence of Fierce Swords.
  • Increased the range of Dacian Heavy Bowmen.
  • Increased the health and melee attack of Dacian Heavy Skirmishers.
  • Increased the armour of Thracian Peltasts.
  • Increased the morale of Thracian Warriors.
  • Increased the health of Tribal Warriors and reduced speed.
  • Increased the morale and melee defence of Illyrian Cavalry.
  • Increased the morale of Parthian Foot Archers.
  • Swapped the shield type of Scythian Royal Skirmishers and Sarmatian Horsemen to one with more armour.
  • Increased armour and health of Sarmatian Royal Lancers.
  • Reduced the mass of chariots.
  • Increased the mass of elephants.
  • Increased the attack of Briton Scout Riders to 38*
  • Decreased the attack of Hastati to 35

Unit Abilities and Attributes

  • Added hoplite wall to Persian Hoplites.
  • Rapid Advance for Gorgo's Skirmishers replaced with Rapid Reload.
  • Added Frenzied Charge to Mighty Horse.
  • Added Frenzied Charge to Illyrian Cavalry.
  • Added Hoplite Wall for Noble Spearmen.
  • Added Drago to Saka Noble Armoured Lancers.
  • All camel units have gained the resistant to fatigue attribute.

Unit Costs and Caps

  • Thureos Hoplites cost decreased to 600.
  • Illyrian Thureos Spears cost increased to 380.
  • Iberian Swordsmen cost increased to 350.
  • Thureos Spears cost increased to 560.
  • Riders of the Hunt cost decreased to 570.
  • (Mercenary) Rhodian Slingers cost decrease to 590.
  • Evocati Cohort cost increased to 890.
  • Triarii cost decreased to 790.
  • Steppe Archers cost increased to 330
  • Nubian Bowmen, Hippeus Lancers, Dacian Heavy Bowmen, Mercenary Thracian *Warriors and Illyrian Cavalry cost increased
  • Steppe Archers cost increased to 330
  • Egyptian cavalry increased to 600.
  • Celtic Warhounds cost reduced by 50
  • Increased the custom/multiplayer battle cap of Mercenary Axe Warriors to 4.

Unit Availability

  • Mercenary Thracian Warriors added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for *Macedon and Athens.
  • Mercenary Samnite Warriors added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for Epirus.
  • Mercenary Italian Cavalry added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for Syracuse.
  • Mercenary Cappadocian Cavalry, Mercenary Skirmisher Cavalry and Mercenary *Syrian Archers added to custom/multiplayer roster for Galatia.
  • Mercenary Germanic Scout Riders added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for Nervii.
  • Mercenary Veteran Hoplites added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for the Odrysian Kingdom.
  • Factional mercenaries for Tylis swapped from Dacian to Celtic units in campaign mode.
  • Mercenary Tarantine Cavalry added to custom/multiplayer roster for Ardiaei.
  • Cappadocian Cavalry added to campaign and battle roster for Pontus.
  • Mercenary Naked Swords added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for Pontus.
  • Mercenary Amazonian Riders added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for *Roxolani and Massagetae.
Rome 2 Patch Download Without Steam
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This is a quick post meant to accompany my latest video for Total War: ROME 2 - Divide Et Impera.

This post will show you how to install the mod.

There are two ways to install Divide Et Impera:

  • You can use Total War Center or a hosting site.
  • You can subscribe on the Steam Workshop.

Here is the link to TWC - Total War Center Download for Divide Et Impera

Rome 2 Patch Download Without Steam Version

Place both Part 1 and Part 2 in your Total War: ROME II install folder, inside 'data' something like this:
C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonTotal War Rome IIdata

Extract the files here.

That's all you have to do. Make sure you have no other mods. Mods are all placed in the data folder, and contain both a '.png' file and a '.pack' file. Feel free to delete them. Do not delete any other '.pack files' if they don't have a '.png' with them.

Using Steam Workshop requires you subscribe to all 10 parts of the mod. This is the link to the collection, and you can click 'Subscribe To All' to get every part. -> Divide Et Impera on Steam

Subscribing to all, will download the mods in your 'Data' folder where Rome 2 is installed. If you have other mods, they may cause a conflict, so on your first install, I recommend 'Unsubscribing' from all mods on Steam and going to your Data folder and deleting all the mods there. To know what is and what isn't a mod, a mod will have a '.pack' file AND a '.png' file of the same name, so delete both.

Steam Workshop is obviously easy, but the drawback with Steam Workshop, is the finicky Rome 2 launcher and the fact that if Creative Assembly update their game, and then Dresden updates the mod, there's a chance your campaign may break. If you roll back the patch, your mod will still no longer work, which is why I recommend TWC.

Rome 2 Patch Download Without Steam Locomotives

Using Total War Center or a hosting site, allows you to be in control of the mod. You have the 2 files for the mod and can place them where you need, or keep them as a backup. If Creative Assembly updates Rome 2, typically then you can 'roll back' the update to a previous patch to keep your mod in tact.

Total War Rome 2 Patch Download Without Steam

Here's a series of discussions and guides for Divide Et Imperas features. If you have a bug or problem, post here and someone will get back to you to help usually.