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At last, OE Classic 3.0 brings you IMAP support!

If you used Outlook Express on Windows XP you may have been surprised that on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 it is no longer present. Microsoft decided to replace Outlook Express with a program called Windows Mail on Windows Vista. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. To improve your results for Runasxp Outlook Express Windows 7 do not include words such as serial number key etc. In your search, excluding those words will result in better results. Make sure your spelling for Runasxp Outlook Express Windows 7 is correct, you might also want to try searching without including the version number.

At last, IMAP support! Also, new Junk Email special folder.

IMAP is a protocol for accessing emails (different than the POP protocol), which allows you to sync emails across multiple devices (e.g. PC, tablet, smartphone, webmail). When email is accessed on a particular device (for example, a smartphone), the next time you open OE Classic on your PC, it will register all the changes you did on the phone (e.g. deleted emails, new emails, flagged emails, etc.). The opposite also works - all the changes done in OE Classic will be shown on other devices as well. In order to work, IMAP requires permanent and stable Internet connection. Adding IMAP does not mean that POP is getting removed. You can choose which protocol you would prefer to use (assuming your email server supports both of them) when configuring an account using the OE Classic account wizard.
Here is a summary of what OE Classic can do, using the IMAP protocol:

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  • Synchronize messages across multiple devices (e.g. desktop PC, laptop PC, smartphone, tablet, webmail...). Deleting a message, flagging it, marking it as read - such changes will be shown on every device accessing the same mailbox and of course in OE Classic as well.
  • Messages are stored on the IMAP server (in the 'cloud'), meaning, if emails are lost on your computer (e.g. by a disk failure), the email messages are backed up on the server, so by adding the IMAP account again in OE Classic, you will be able to access your emails again.
  • Messages are cached locally (on your disk), once they are opened the first time, so opening them is faster if they are unchanged on the server
  • OE Classic flagging is compatible with iPhone/macOS Mail app – so it supports multicolored flags (red, green, yellow, blue etc.). These flags color coding is identical the iPhone/macOS Mail app, and possibly some other IMAP-capable applications as well.
  • OE Classic is also compatible with non-standard (but commonly used) IMAP flags like $Forwarded and $MDNSent (labeling a message as forwarded and message delivery notification sent mark)
  • OE Classic uses an atomic move to folder operation (MOVE extension) as supported by modern IMAP servers like or On older servers move operation is a 3-step operation (a combination of the COPY, STORE, and EXPUNGE commands) and if interrupted between steps, for example by a network being disconnected, a bad WIFI etc., it can leave messages 'hanging' between two folders, unlike with MOVE which either completes the operation entirely, or does not, thus being called called an atomic operation (from the Greek word 'atomos' meaning 'uncuttable').
  • OE Classic can detect incorrectly expunged messages (flagged as deleted but not expunged from a folder) – these messages will be shown with strikethrough text in OE Classic and can be either viewed or completely deleted.
  • Multiple IMAP email accounts are shown separately, each in its own container (like a folder), having separated Inbox/Sent/Deleted/Draft/Junk folders for each account
Runasxp Outlook Express
And you can expect even more goodies in the future updates.
This version also features new storage file format to make room for some of the new features. Files are automatically upgraded so you don't have to care about that. But if you had a backup of your data created in older version, please update the backup as the old backup won't be compatible with the newer file format.
New icons in Folder/Message properties.

Folder color selection now has helpful color icons.

Fixed encoding issues for some messages.

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Full list of features in OE Classic 3.0 follows:

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New features
  • IMAP support!
  • Junk Email - a new local folder used by Blocked Senders list (instead of Deleted Items) and for future purposes
  • Popup menu item - Empty 'Junk Email' Folder
  • Additional options in the Folder Properties window - Local File and Synchronize (for IMAP folders)
  • New localization files - Russian, Serbian (Latin)
  • Improved localization files - Greek, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Condensed POP logging to improve download speed
  • Rewritten parts of the POP retrieval code to improve download speed
  • Progress bar precision improved for POP operations
  • Huge speed increase (2000%) of the downloaded header list (used in IMAP and message decoder)
  • Internal HTTPS to secure all program-to-website communication (even on older Windows)
  • SMTP port 587 is now the default port in the Account Wizard/Account Properties (instead of 25)
  • Accounts window can be resized (size is saved)
  • Color icons for the folder list right click menu
  • Improved and faster logging
  • Improved accessibility - View/Sort-By in the main menu(s), Help/Contact window, Message/Folder Properties window
  • More accurate Outlook Express 6 import
  • Compact All now also compacts all DB files (Folders, AddressBook, Identity, Newsgroups)
  • Username/Password used for updates are now called Name/License key (or License info)

Bug fixes

Runasxp Outlook Express

  • Outlook Express 6 import used an old folder name is the folder was renamed so the imported folder structure had different names than expected
  • HTML zoom value (Options/Read) did not reflect the saved value
  • Fixed a number of character encoding issues related to loading HTML (displaying a blank message, switching Message Editor Edit/Source/Preview tabs)
  • Selecting another folder no longer aborts download (or sending) of emails
  • Identity Manager was always using English regardless of the selected program language
  • Search tool wasn't case-insensitive for international characters
  • Message download was started twice for IMAP/NNTP when navigating to a new message using the Message Viewer window
  • From/Reply-To/To/Cc/Bcc/Subject headers were encoded using KOI8-R instead of UTF-8 for some system settings
  • Updated SSL/TLS libraries with the latest bug/security fixes (v1.0.2t)
  • Updated built-in SQLite with the latest bug fixes (v3.30.1.0)