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For any of you Sako experts out there, does anyone know the year of manufacture of a Sako Forester L-579 Mannlicher with a serial number of 31,XXX? Thanks for the help!

  • Sako 842 Sako 22-32 New model 825 Triace 884 Finnmaster 1972 1 170 VL63 1 10499. Model Change First date First number Last number Last date. Please note that these old manufacturing dates are only indicative.
  • I just got ahold of a Sako L46 in 222 at the gun show this weekend, and have a historical question about it. The action is L46 and the serial number dates it to be 1961. The action does not say Riihimaki, and nowhere on the rifle does it say Vixen.

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The Sako L579 -rifle was designed by Eino Mäkinen at the Sako factory in 1958 on basis of the previous Sako L57 -rifle. The new hunting rifle was designed in such a way that in it could be used as much as possible the precision casting parts of a new precision casting foundry. The weapon was originally named Sako L579, but later the word “forester” was included to the name.

There are four versions of the Sako L579 Forester's rifle, Standard, Deluxe, Heavy-Barrel and Mannlicher -carbine stock model. The weapons were manufactured in following calibers: .22-250, .243 Win, .308 Win and 7mm-08. Heavy-Barrel version was 500 grams heavier than other models (total weight 3.8 kg). The rifle was also produced a Sako L579 'Mannlicher' model, caliber .308 Win, this had carbine model stock.

Sako Rifle Serial Number Lookup

In 1984, the entire Sako rifle collection was renewed and the following models were available with the Sako L579 lock bolt: Hunter, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Carbine, Varmint, Classic and Target.