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SER7M0890778 is the hull ID Number. Not sure what the additional numbers you placed are for. I know Sea Ray puts an extra set of numbers after or below their HIN The only 2 things that you can gleam from an HIN is the manufacturer (SER = SeaRay) and the month/year made (last 4 digits) 07/78. Please enter any Hull Identification Number - HIN to check. We recommend Get Certified Boat History Report. Last decoded HIN CHK447750696 PIOS8710G697 ZBY36079J889 PM12FJB10895 BRCZ022EH889 AGC40013G899 SMK71666B898 USCC72SBB898.

By decoding the VIN of your vehicle, you can obtain its information instantly like its safety equipment, engine specifications, build sheets, technical specifications style, and trim, and so on. We support 17-character VINs from 1981 to the present. The GMC serial number decoder can show you the info that coincides with the current state of the. 12345: This is the serial number assigned to the hull by the manufacturer. This may be a combination of letters and numbers. This may be a combination of letters and numbers. The letters 'I,' 'O,' and 'Q' are excluded because they could be mistaken for numbers. Sea Ray Serial Number Decoder. Sketchup Pro 2016 Serial Number And Authorization Code Free. Vz 24 Serial Number Lookup. How To Install Cosco Car Seat Rear Facing With.

The number of boats stolen each year has been steadily on the increase, to the point where it now exceeds many thousands of boats annually both in the USA and Europe.

According to the US National Crime Insurance Bureau (NCIB), boat theft is a $40,000,000+ business in the United States alone. As the season nears, boat theft increases to as many as 1,000 boats stolen a month! Like cars, SUVs and trucks, boats offer thieves an opportunity to make huge profits. But unlike cars, boats are much easier to pass off as genuine! Who checks???

The chances of becoming a victim are uncomfortably high. In some areas, stolen boats account for more than 7% of inventory!


The thought of unwittingly purchasing a stolen boat does not occur to most boat buyers. Many buyers unknowingly make a purchase and don’t discover their mistake until it is too late. Don’t be a victim, check it before your boat and your money is gone.

Most people who purchase a stolen boat are never aware of the fact that they are the owner of a stolen boat unless it's discovered by a state title agency, or by a bounty hunter commissioned by an insurance company. The bad news is that even though you may never realize you have purchased a stolen boat, when it is discovered, you loose the boat, usually with no recourse for recovery of this loss. In fact, you may even find yourself trying to fend off criminal charges of being in possession of stolen property.

Don’t be the person that buys a stolen boat. Whilst some are stripped for parts and the evidence destroyed, the vast majority of stolen boats end up being altered in various ways and then resold! You could be the buyer.

Most stolen boats that are resold have only a minor change in the Hull Identification Number (HIN). Because these numbers are molded into the plastic of the hull, it is a very simple process to alter. Hull numbers can be completely changed, or just have one or a few digits altered. Either way, it's a process that a thief can quickly and simply accomplish.

However, the good news is, that boats also have other identification numbers such as engine serial numbers and it is rare that these get removed or modified and in the instance that a HIN has been altered, the engine numbers can remain as a means of positively identifying a stolen boat. In addition boatfax can search against number sequences to see if there is a possible match, even though the original number may have been significantly tampered with.

Don’t be caught out – Check the HIN:

Take a careful look at the Hull Identification Number (HIN). This is normally molded into the right hand outside of the transom (see What is the HIN?) On some boats the Hull Number may be on a metal plate fixed in the same position. Note: There are some major European manufacturers who position the HIN on the rear of the starboard (RH) side of the boat (just around the corner from the normal transom position).

Always look for the following evidence of possible HIN tampering or corruption:

HIN Format: Since 1972 (Europe 1996) HIN Numbers generally conformed to a standard format. The main number must be 12 characters long and may display a 2 character country code pre-fix (to make it 14 characters long for European requirements). Note: European HIN format must contain the Country Code information and be 14 characters long. For more information see articles HIN Formats or What is the HIN?

HIN Replacement: A more radical approach often used when there is a desire to change or copy the complete identity of a boat. Either the old HIN is dug out and a different one molded into the Gel coat or a plate is fixed over the original HIN with a different number. Look carefully for signs of mismatch in Gel color, cracking or witness marks created though the process of digging out the HIN. Note: Gel coat will fade with time and if newer Gel coat has been applied this will show as a slightly different color. Always be cautious of a plate. Be sure this looks original and if it can be easily removed – it is probably not the original! If in doubt check the HIN on or call the manufacturer and verify the HIN and the method of attachment.
Obscured HIN: Be wary of pieces of equipment being fastened over the HIN. Always remove these to check the HIN. Check for a HIN being obscured by paint or gel finishes; can be a sign of an attempt to cover up a HIN alteration or purposely make the HIN difficult to read.
Character Confusion: Unfortunately as a HIN can be composed of any letter or number and there is no current means of character checking in the number format, often confusion exists with the letters O & 0, I & 1,B & 8. In addition the following letters get misread V & U. Carefully check the HIN and the documentation for consistency and again check the HIN on for verification.

HIN Copies: Most boat manufacturers will also affix one or more exact copies of the HIN in other parts of the boat. Often these are in hidden areas of the boat, but may be placed in an easily accessible section of the bow in open dinghy’s and RIBs. If you suspect the transom HIN has been tampered, try and find the copy and compare. It is very rare that the copies are tampered or removed.

At all times cross check the HIN with the documentation on the boat. Try to find the copy HIN and make sure that this matches the transom HIN. Check the Validity of the HIN on Always be cautious about the HIN until you have verified it.

Whilst HIN numbers can be easily tampered with, it is rare that the engine serial numbers get tampered at the same time. Often a stolen boat can be recognised by its engine numbers. When possible, always check the engine serial numbers against documentation. boatfax checks and cross checks HIN numbers, serial numbers, registration numbers & other entered information. A stolen boat can be recognised by the serial number information entered even if the HIN has been significantly tampered with.

And there’s more: boatfax uses sophisticated software techniques to detect corrupt characters, format anomalies, number tampering and out of sequence components so you can be sure that boatfax can detect invalid information.


If in doubt check it on

Sea Ray Serial Number Decoder Download

boatfax – helping you to make better buying decisions.

Be smart – Use boatfax.

© Copyright boatfax Ltd

Action Craft Owner tells me the manfacturer is Alaskan Jet from Washington state HIN # is APK21781K596. Wauquiez Free HIN number Decoder for any Boat, Hull, or Vessel - PUC PUD PUE PUF PUG PUH PUI PUJ PUL PUM PUN PUO PUP PUQ PUR PUS PUT PUU PUV PUW PUX PUY PUZ PVA Check any HIN number Decoder for free Please enter any Hull Identification Number - HIN to check Then, you need to visit Coast Guard website which contains the information about safety issues in specific boat makes (like recall information with cars).
Unlike a car VIN number, a boat HIN is 12 characters long. I know the number from the title but need to prove it to purchaser. A HIN is the nautical equivalent of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your car. Rancraft Venture For you will depend on what... With boat show up in full swing, a lot of individuals will soon be thinking about adding a new vessel. Example: ABC2AB41G203 It's used to register your boat and to track your boat's history. Ribeye Ocqueteau (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push({}). Key Largo Check Boat History Report and buy with confidence. Chaparral Sea Nymph Thanks for your help. Overmarine MLS Date of Manufacture Defever H8 = August 1998 manufacture date 9132E = boat serial number (check that you’re not misreading the E)
This is the advantage of boatfax over the boatfax alternatives: more accurate, up-to-date, and at 9.99 it is an affordable boat serial number service. Centurion Gulfstar How do I correct this problem? Celebrity Buy the gift that’s always welcome and always fits. © 2009-2018 Privacy Policy Contact Us Terms of Use Disclaimer Link To Us Sitemap, Boats are more expensive than cars because they are manufactured is smaller numbers, Sailing a faulty boat may be much more dangerous than a faulty car, Selling a boat is more difficult than a car. Sunseeker Star Fisher Prout Zodiac.
Mckinna Valiant Crest You get a link that you share on classifieds such as,,, and The HIN, however, is required to be shown on the State certificate of registration. Don't risk buying a used boat with hidden problems. Numarine In our example, J3 designates that the boat was built in October 2013. Cruisers Yachts Guy Couach Drascombe
Sunbeam Yachts MasterCraft Whitewater At least one HIN number must be on all boats manufactured or imported on or after November 1, 1972. Horizon Any assistance would be great. Pacific Seacraft As on most other vehicle history report sites, these boat history reports are not free. My serial # starts with SEA , who’s the manufacturer, Lookup here:, Have an aluminum boat just purchased HIN# is CRL43965M73F, My jet ski has JS PLE012611900 I am trying to find the year an model as i need to buy part can you help plz, Your email address will not be published. It has a HIN, the black and white one. Mainship number. Bay Rider Sumerset
Pershing Dakota Blackfin 3-Obtain a third estimated boat market value: We recommend Get Certified boat title history report Get BoatFax Report . Caribe Lowe Sundance On boats without transoms or on boats on which it would be impractical to the transom, the HIN must be affixed to the starboard outboard side of the hull, aft within one foot of the stern and within two inches of the top of hull side, gunwale, or hull/deck joint, whichever is lowest. Penn Yann Lazzara Prior to August 1, 1984, the manufacturer had the option of expressing this in the form of a model year designation. Dusky Scanner Jet Bennington
Sea Hunt Universal Hull Number decoder Info about HIN HIN decoding and HIN-check HIN Decoder widget. A HIN hull number is not the same as a State registration number, which may be required to be displayed on the bow of your boat.
Larson As to boat history report, the well-known car history sites like Autocheck and Carfax are not what you need. Ibiza
Wondering what all the characters in your hull's HIN stand for? The numbers I get off of it FLZBT345G690. Dehler Voyager Lagoon Riviera Ocean Yachts Viking HIN should not be confused with State registration number: the latter is located on the bow and serves the same purpose as the car registration plate. Salona Epic Figure 2 – HIN Format After August 1, 1984. Thank you for using our service The HIN is a 12 character serial number that uniquely identifies your boat. Profile Whittley Final two digits are the model year. Interboat Robalo Henriques Seacraft In nauticalknowhow. Coyote is in germany at the baltic sea in Lübeck. Sadler Primatist Pursuit
Example: ABC123451076 (October 1976) The 9th and 10th characters are the month, and the 11th and 12th characters are the last digits of the year. Antaris Hardy This is often referred to as the “boat serial number” or “boat ID number”. Sessa Rampage Endeavour ZapCat Sea Fox
Sun Tracker Bombard Skipperliner Symbol Can I still sell the boat? Thundercraft These five characters are assigned by the manufacturer. Egg Harbor Arvor Brought to you by HIN Decoder Since November 1, 1972, federal law requires all boats, including inflatables like rafts, IKs and SUP boards, manufactured in, or imported into, the US to have a unique 12-character identifier called the Hull Identification Number (HIN). Pacemaker On catamarans and pontoon boats the HIN must be affixed on the aft crossbeam,, Ribquest Cabo
Pettegrow Avalon Required fields are marked *. Nordkapp Mine is JF650B-602421 jow would you decode it ?
Pedro Najad Southern Cross Swan Cypress Cay Crescent Haines Hunter The hull i.d. Figure 1 – HIN Formats Before August 1, 1984. Nimbus Scand Ultramar Jefferson Sylvan HIN with Date of Manufacture Marinette Nauticat Tecnonautica Hanse
Stroker Mariah
Med Yachts I tried to sand down the paint but defaced part of the HIN. They are normally numbers, but letters (except I, O and Q) may also be used. Klamath MAKE: Ab Yachts
Alena Savage can you verify the builder? Ebbtide Rodman Alfamarine Rinker The Coast Guard maintains a searchable database of MICs if you want to perform a boat hull ID lookup. Stardust Pearson
Bass Hunter HIN-Decoder checks for 250 brands in 40 states (and counting) including data such as boat hin check. Photo is circa 1984.
Champion Versilcraft Wellcraft
The purpose is to help authorities identify your boat with a HIN decoder if a thief or vandals remove or damage the primary HIN boat serial number on the transom. ... Brought to you by HIN Decoder. Benetti Karnic Flipper They ask for stencil of hull i.d., what do I do? Phone: 865-590-9090 Fax: 928-441-0580 Email: [email protected] Pearl Zar Bayliner I want to put a 2.2hp engine and need to register it. Aicon Californian Baglietto Kenner Next digit is the last digit of the year the boat was built. So ours is FGExxxxxxI607. The letter represents the Month the boat was built A = Jan B = Feb C = March ect. Trintella Moomba Dariel Buddy Davis Fantasy Bluewater Thx, Would you be able to tell the Make, Model & particularly the AGE of my Boat Lakeview Alumacraft Baha A HIN is the nautical equivalent of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your car. Skibsplast Excedo Spectre Blackwater Finnmaster Boats manufactured or imported on or after August 1, 1984 have a copy of the HIN of a hidden part of the boat. Baia Burger Juts a few of them: What can you do with boat VIN check for free before you buy a report?
Gobbi Silver Finngulf Powerquest All rights reserved - Copyright 2019 -
Doral Thompson My boat was painted years and the HIN was covered. Hobie Cat
Rae Line Nordic I never noticed until trying to sell the boat. Ocean Master If you want to write us, tell us something or invite us to a beer, please use this email: Needless to say, all these aspects play a significant role in consumers protection. Farr Merry Fisher The offices are closed, I have a Sun Dolphin Sportsman H119132EH899 could you help me figure out this number? Quicksilver A boat VIN number is actually called HIN (Hull Identification Number), although the term VIN is frequently misused. Elegance Nothing special. Aquastar I’m researching an old photograph from years back. Kawasaki Jupiter Delphia Uttern Osprey
Note: Cataraft tubes are not considered to be a boat, until they are married with a frame. Bowman The number is usually found in the stern and can be engraved on a plate or stamped into the boat material. The letter is for the month of manufacture: The number is the last digit of the year of manufacture. Tige Ranger The regulations prescribe the format of the HIN. The primary HIN must be permanently affixed (so that it can be seen from outside the boat) to the starboard side of the transom within two inches of the top of the transom, gunwale, or hull/deck joint, whichever is lowest. Nelson Askeladden Suzumar To locate a boat VIN, search the right side rear of the vessel (starboard outboard side of the hull). Regulator Scapa Boats This site aims to offer easily any vehicle data to any user who requests it for free. Oyster On catamarans and pontoon boats the HIN must be affixed on the aft crossbeam within one foot of the starboard hull attachment.
Gibson Trailcraft Fountain Aquador Asis Open FGE - Cobalt Boats LLC Next digits until you hit a letter are the boat serial number. The system for building the HIN changed after this date. Seamaster Sea Ray Atlantic Fisher Am looking for information on a canoe I got tag says GRV126548M88B Made in Canada great Canadian Worcester, ma 01604 trying to figure out where I can get a manufacturers statement of origin to be able to get it registered in the state of Wisconsin, Chrysler Man O’War Serial # 243030366 doesn’t fit the HIN formats shown. Prinz Orkney Boats manufactured or imported on or after August 1, 1984, also have a duplicate secondary HIN affixed somewhere on an unexposed location inside the boat or beneath a fitting or item of hardware. A friend told me the idea of developing something like that, then we got down to work creating As boat manufacturers are not so widely discussed, you may just use the first 3 digits of the boat HIN to identify the manufacturer.

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