Sega Dreamcast Roms Pack Free Download Torrent

Sega dreamcast rom pack
  1. Sega Dreamcast Roms Pack Free Download Torrent Windows 7
  2. Sega Dreamcast Roms Pack Free Download Torrent Pc
  3. Sega Dreamcast Roms Pack Free Download Torrent Pc Game
  4. Sega Dreamcast Roms Pack Free Download Torrent Download

Sega Dreamcast Roms Pack Free Download Torrent Windows 7

Format: Roms for retropie. The First Collection: Retropie roms full collection of games the first collection (112.89 GiB) The Second Collection: Retropie Sega CD Roms Collection (92.12 GiB).


Sega Dreamcast Roms Pack Free Download Torrent Pc

Sega Dreamcast Roms Pack Free Download Torrent Pc Game

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Sega Dreamcast Emulators

Sega's next generation console tried to undo the damage the Playstation had made to Sega's market share. It was released before Playstation 2 but it lost the race against it and Gamecube, partially due to what many believe was less than great marketing efforts by Sega.
  • CPU: Hitachi SH-4, 200MHz clock rate, 360 MIPS (millions of instructions per second), 1.4 GigaFLOPS (floating-point operations per second), 128-bit 3D calculations, 64-bit data bus, 800+ MBytes/second bus bandwidth
  • Graphics Core: NEC PowerVRSG, 3 million polygons/second peak rendering rate, Perspective-Correct Texture Mapping, Point, Bilinear, Trilinear and Anisotropic Mip-map filtering, Gouraud shading 32-bit z-buffer, Colored light sourcing, Full scene anti-aliasing
    Hardware-based Fog, Bump mapping, 24-bit color, Hardware-based texture compression, Shadow and Light volumes, Super sampling
  • Memory: 16 MB main RAM, 8 MB video RAM, 2 MB sound RAM
  • Resolution: 640x448.
  • Colors: 16.7 million
  • Sound: Yamaha Audio Core, 32-bit RISC CPU, DSP for real-time effects, 64 sound channels, ,Full 3D sound support, Hardware-based audio compression
  • Dreamcast Control Pad: Digital and analog directional controls, Dual analog triggers, Virtual Memory System data save unit
  • Expansion Options: Modem: 33.6kb per second transfer rate (56kb in U.S.) Upgradable
  • Operating System: Customized Microsoft Windows CE and Sega operating system
  • Media: GD-ROM (GigaByte Disk-ROM) Drive - Maximum speed 12X 1.2 GigaByte capacity
  • Console Dimensions: 7 7/16' X 7 11/16' X 3' , 190 mm (W) x 195 mm (H) x 78 mm (D)
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds, 2.0 kg
  • Release Date: November 20, 1998 (Japan), September 1999 (USA)


Redream Windows Free, Pay Rating: 8.2(261 Votes)
Sega Dreamcast Emulator
Chankast Windows Freeware Rating: 7.3(189 Votes)
Sega Dreamcast emulator
nullDC Windows Free Rating: 7.2(150 Votes)
DEmul Windows Free Rating: 7.0(69 Votes)
Dreamcast emulator.
Reicast Windows, Android Free Rating: 6.9(33 Votes)
Sega Dreamcast Emulator
DreamEMU Windows Freeware Rating: 6.2(140 Votes)
Dreamcast emulator.
Icarus Windows Freeware Rating: 0.0(0 Votes)
Dreamcast emulator.
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Sega Dreamcast Roms Pack Free Download Torrent Download