Speed Hack Para Mu Global

OMG. I wasn't posting for almost 2 years. I see that I have some nice comments on our blog... I also recently came back to MU online since it's hosted by webzen again. Yea, game seems to be more interesting now and more harder - that's what we, cheaters like the most :)

If you want to try my vip hack for ss15 pm me:) #MuOnline #Hack. We are back with more free hacks for you guys! Today we release an amazing hack tool for all medieval MMORPG game fans – Mu Online Hack v1.4! In this game, developed by Webzen, you can enjoy an extraordinary world of combats, dungeons and unique quests. Les traigo el nuevo hasty mu hack speed 100% funcional para season 3 y season 4 servidores privados funciona en Mu-EliTeGroup 100% comprobado protegidos con anti cheat y sin el que lo disfruten y diviertanse a lo grande saludos. Global Mu Online is new Season 14 medium exp style server! This is the server continues of GlobalMu S13 with a new premium domain name, as new S14 project! Opening 6.September 17.00 Server Time UTC +1! Check website countdown! Experience rate: X500 regular and X500 master experience!

Funcionando perfecto, testeado e indetectable para los admin hasta el momento. Es el sustituto de cheat engine, pero mejorado por permitir activar y desactivar rapidamente. En la descripcion del video en youtube se encuentra el enlace de descarga.

Ok let's talk about cheating. I would like to introduce quite new, actual, modyfied to MU Online season 4 free bot: Kiasu Bot V.2.
Main Globalfunctions of this bot are :
- Auto Attack
- Auto Pick
- Auto Buff
- Clear Inventory

Speed Hack Para Mu Global Online

- Save Mana Mode
- Auto Repair
- Auto Party
- Auto Macro
- Auto Request Off
- Agility Elf Mode
I know that all of old school bots had problems with energy elf auto buff. In Kiasu Bot v.2 all is fixed, so elfs can again buff all party and keep hisself alive.
Kiasu is quite good bot... I like it and I use it lasttime the most. I'm trying to play a little bit legit on webzen servers ... so Kiasu gave me nice start :)
Here you can download this bot :
SpeedKiasu Bot V.2