Steam Controller Driver Without Steam

  1. Steam Controller Driver Without Steam Installer

SC Controller is a pretty essential standalone user-mode driver and configuration UI for working with the Steam Controller, and it just got the first stable update in some time. It enables you to use your Steam Controller fully outside of Steam, and it works really damn well.

While the developer has been working on an experimental c port, others have submitted a few essential fixes so a new release went up. One major issue is with most modern Linux distributions moving to a major Python update, which broke SC Controller. Thankfully, as of the v0.4.8 release that's not so much a problem with the AppImage now working on Ubuntu 20.04 and comparable distributions.

I am trying to use the Steam Controller with programs in Python or Java (I really don't care which at this point). For Python, I found a standalone driver that doesn't require the Steam client to use as a Xbox controller or mouse/keyboard. Here is the GitHub URL for the driver.

Testing on an up to date Arch Linux install (using EndeavourOS), the AppImage worked perfectly!

Additionally, this update all pulls in these changes and fixes:

Steam Controller Driver Without Steam Installer

  • Hip fire style action for trigger
  • Added DualShock 4v2 over Bluetooth udev rule
  • Button labels on Gyro Tilt mixed up
  • Cemu hook not working with Dolphin Emulator
  • Radial menu drawing broken on HDPI displays
  • Gesture recognition not working with DS4
  • 'Confirm menu selection by releasing' not working at all
  • Moving STICK and LPAD at once can make buttons stuck
  • Issues with non-ascii (and especially Chinese) characters in profile name

You can find it on GitHub.

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