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Samsung has millions of customers around the globe but it seems that it has been suffering a lot. This is true because lots of users have reported about some issue on their phone.

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The popup was “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has Stopped”.

Now this error really makes the device slow to access and at the same time, it also eats up the memory space too and is one of the annoying errors you might have come across. If you have faced the same situation and looking how to get rid of it then this blog is for you.

Here you will come to know about ways to fix “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped” on Samsung phone.

But before going to the solutions to fix the error, you should go through the reasons for such unexpected error on your phone.

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Reasons for TouchWiz has stopped unexpectedly

This section completely consists of some unknown reasons that lead to TouchWiz has stopped working on Samsung. Go through them and know why the error has occurred on your device.

  • When you disable the in-built apps then such error is common to occur.
  • Even when some apps conflict with each other or the widgets conflict then it shows such error message
  • Sometimes, the previous cache and data files creates such unwanted situation
  • The TouchWiz home even stops when it fails to locate enough resource for motions, gestures and other features.
  • Due to insufficient storage space on phone leads to “TouchWiz has stopped” error

What are the solutions to fix Unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped on Samsung?

Now here we will go through some of the best ways to solve “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped” on Samsung phone. Though there are several issues that can be seen due to such error but now you don’t have to worry, as the below mentioned methods will help you to get rid of the error.

So let’s begin…

Method 1: Clear data and cache of TouchWiz Home

You might know that several Android devices are designed in such a way that cache data gets automatically deleted after upgrading the new OS. But in case of Samsung, the thing goes little but different.

Here after you upgrade your Samsung phone, the problem of TouchWiz keeps stopping occurs and all because of cache data.

But if you clear out all data and cache of TouchWiz home then things cane become normal. Follow the below steps:

  • First, click on “Apps” from home screen and then launch “Settings
  • Here look for “Applications” and click on “Application Manager
  • Now move towards right and go to “All” screen option
  • After that, select “TouchWiz” and click on “Clear Cache”, then “Clear Data” followed by OK
  • At last, Restart your device

Method 2: Boot your device in safe mode

As I have mentioned earlier in reasons section that might be due to third party apps be the cause, so to find it in better way, booting your phone in safe mode is the best solution. Doing this will disable all the third party apps temporarily and you will know from where the error has occurred.

  • First, turn off your phone
  • Then press “Power” button unless logo occurs on screen
  • After the logo appears, leave the button and hold “Volume Down” button
  • Continue this until rebooting is over
  • Now you will see “Safe Mode” below screen after which you can leave the buttons

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Method 3: Allow easy mode

Enabling easy mode has solved the error for several users. The use of this feature is to provide user with efficient way to remove the unwanted features.

So if you enable Ease Mode then the error you are coming across will easily be resolved. Just follow the below steps:

  • First, go to Settings and then move to Personal tab, then Easy Mode
  • Now switch Standard mode to Easy Mode
  • After this, restart your device
  • Once your phone restarts, again go to Settings > Easy Mode and set as Standard mode

Method 4: Deactivate motion and gestures feature

Motion and gestures are important part of a device and when some devices are with low specifications then it is sure to come across such unwanted error that give rise to “Unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped.

Therefore you need to disable these extra features so that your device works better:

  • First, go to Settings
  • Then choose Motions and Gestures from list
  • After that, disable all motion and gestures from list

After doing this step, if you still face the same problem then go to next method.

Method 5: Do Cache Partition

When the above methods do not work for you then you can follow this step as well. Several users have used this method and has solved the error and suggested as an effective one.

Any kind of minor issues are fixed by following the steps, so let’s go through them:

  • First, turn off your Samsung phone
  • Then press and hold “Volume Up” + “Power” button
  • Continue doing this process until you see Android screen option. Now you will see recovery mode on phone screen
  • With the help of Volume buttons, you need to choose “Wipe Cache Partition”. To confirm it, press Power button and soon your device will reboot

And after all these, check whether the error you are coming across is resolved or not. If not then try other methods as well.

Method 6: Change in Animation Scale

If you do some changes in animation scale then also there is a chance to get rid of the error “Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped” on Samsung phone. Because animation scale change will lower memory space.

So you need to follow the steps:

  • First, you have to go to Settings and tap on More and then On Device
  • After that, click on Software info
  • Now on new screen, click on build number for some time unless “developer option is enabled” option you get
  • Now again move to Settings and choose developer option
  • Here you have to change the Window Animation Scale values, Animator duration scale and Transition animation scale
  • At last, restart your phone and see whether the same error occurs again

Method 7: Do hard reset of your phone

Now when you have gone through all the above steps and you still face the same issue again and again, then only one thing left and that is doing factory reset. Doing this will restore your entire device to factory state and hopefully, the error is resolved.

But before you proceed, do backup of all your essential data in safe place because it wipes away all data from phone.

  • After backing up all data and content, follow the below steps:
  • First, go to Settings and then “Backup & Reset” option
  • Here you should check if “backup my data” is enabled, if not then turn it on and do a backup
  • Then scroll down and select “Factory Data Reset” and then confirm by tapping “Reset Phone
  • After all these, wait for some time until your phone reboots

Method 8: Best way to solve “Unfortunately TouchWiz Home has Stopped” on Samsung

Another useful tip that will help you to instantly fix the issue you are coming across is by using third party tool. Android Repair is one of the useful and reliable tool that helps to fix “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped” on Samsung phone.

It has the ability to fix any kind of issues or errors on Android phone. It works perfectly to sort out the issues or errors in minutes and is easy to use as well. It’s a great utility for Android users as errors are common to occur and to handle all sort of issues with ease, Android Repair is one of the best.

Therefore, whenever you come across any kind of unexpected situations on your Android phone then Download Android Repair Tool and fix TouchWiz has stopped working issue or other errors on Android.

Follow the steps to fix TouchWiz has stopped working on Samsung

Step 1: Connect your Android device

First you have to launch Android Repair and then select 'Repair' from the window and tap on it.

Now connect your phone/tablet to PC using USB cable. After that, tap on 'Android Repair' among 3 options.

Here you have to choose the correct brand, model, name, country/region, and its carrier details. After clicking on warning, tap on 'Next'.

Your stored data may get erased using Android Repair. You have to type '000000' to confirm and then proceed.


Note: You should backup all your Android data before you choose Android Repair to fix any issue on android.

Step 2: Repair Android device in Download mode

You should boot your Android device in Download Mode before opting for Android Repair. Below are the steps mentioned to boot your Android device in DFU mode.

Device with Home button:

    1. First power off your phone/tablet
  • 2. Now press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power button for 5 to 10 seconds
  • 3. After that, release all button and press Volume Up button to enter Download mode

Device without Home button:

    1. Switch off your phone
  • 2. Now press and hold Volume Down + Bixby and Power button for 5 to 10 seconds
  • 3. After that, release all buttons and press Volume Up button to enter Download Mode

Now tap on 'Next' and the program will begin to download the firmware.

Once you download and verify the firmware, the powerful program will automatically begin to fix the issue on your Android phone.

After some time, all the issues or errors will be fixed on your Android device.


There is no doubt that Samsung devices are among the best Smartphones in world and people just love to use them. But unexpected errors are very common in Samsung or other Android devices and users can come across “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped”.

But in this blog, I have gathered best methods to solve TouchWiz has stopped working on Samsung phone and wish, if you come across such error then following the ways can solve the problem.

Further, you can visit our Facebook and Twitter page and if you have, any questions then you can ASK HERE

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