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Warcraft 3 Custom Games Download

Warcraft 3 Custom Game Maps Download

Warcraft 3 custom game maps download'>

The veteran physics-based arena Warcraft 3 map and Dota 2 custom game.

Reforged is the best way to play Warcraft III, which is one of the best MOBA video games out there. Download it if you’re a fan or even a first-time player. Even if purchasing the game may cost you a lot, you’ll feel like you’ve lost nothing since the nostalgic feeling the game has to offer and the modernize experience that comes with it. Just download the WC3 map that you want to play and put it into the map folder, if you host a game now you can find the map in the menu. Warcraft 3 Dota Maps: The biggest map category of all Warcraft 3 maps with an incredible fanbase is by far the Dota map.

Welcome to Warlock

Warlock, or Warlock Brawl, is a game concept that has had incarnations spanning multiple platforms. Its most well known is the Warcraft III map, a mod for the 2003 Blizzard game, which underwent active development for over six years. In 2014, the mod was ported by the original team to Dota 2 which was the focus for Warlock for around two years.

As well as modifications of other games, Warlock has existed as a myriad of standalone game projects typically started by indie developers inspired by the WC3 map. There is currently an official standalone project in development, lead by original co-creator Adynathos.